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SoftImage|XSI Tutorials
Free SoftImage|XSI Tutorials by Certified Softimage|XSI instructor and character animator "Christoph Schinko"
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CGIndia bring's quite Useful and Free tutorial for SoftImage|XSI Users. The tutorials is created by character animator and independent filmmaker, Christoph Schinko who has been a Certified Softimage XSI instructor for over 5 years. Christoph shows; 1) Arm rigging for animators using XSI 2) how to create a Cartoon eyes using SoftImage|XSI. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com (# Right Click on .PDF Tutorial link and save target as! )

Arm Rigging for Animators Using XSI
OVERVIEW : When setting up a character, it’s easy to dream about all the great things it will be able to do and how simple it will be to Control and tweak. Along the rigging process though, many of these ideas are discarded – due to time constraints and/or technical difficulties.

One of the things an animator typically dreams of is the ability to animate squash &stretch, an integral part of Classical animation that is often professionally ignored in 3D setups. Of course, the principals of S&S can be implemented in the poses of the character and the behaviour of its extremities, but let’s see how the wish list below can be implemented into an arm Rig that is functional, fast and easy to control.

Squash &Stretch:

  • ability to over-stretch a skeleton chain and toggle this behaviour on/off
  • ability to reset any stretching without losing the pose (along the eff/root-axis)
  • ability to individually stretch the upper and lower arm or both of them together (eff stays in place)
  • according volume changes in the arm and toggle this behaviour on/off
  • manually offset and hand animate those volume changes
  • offset the elbow in any direction (totally independent of the rest of the Chain, for final pose adjustments and the ability to “break ” the joints as described in “The animator’s survival kit”)
  • quickly lock down the hand in place during animation (for holding onto a table etc)
  • roll divisions for upper and lower arm for even rotation distribution on the mesh


    Downloal XSI .PDF Tutorial (1) - Click here

    XSI Tutorial - Making Cartoon eyes
    In this tutorial you will learn how to :

  • create a pair of expressive eyes with very simple geometry
  • set up lattices and how to animate them
  • create and manage a library of eye expressions
  • automate adjustments in the animation mixer via scripting
  • Rig your setup for easy animation

  • For the sake of simplicity our eyes will not have eyebrows or eye-lashes, they are not necessary for this exercise and may be added at your own will. This tutorial will NOT touch XSI’s toon shader at all; it will simply deal with cartoony eyes. We’re going to use simple NURBS-spheres to build up cartoon eyes. All we need for that is the eyeball, the pupil and eye lids. The tutorial is divided into five stages; Creating the geometry, Setting it up, fit clips to scene script, Creating the animation panel, Summary.

    Downloal XSI .PDF Tutorial (2) - Click here

    Author: Christoph Schinko
    Email: stoph[@]christoph-schinko.com
    Homepage: www.christoph-schinko.com
    About Author: Christoph Schinko is a character animator and independent filmmaker, and has been a Certified Softimage XSI instructor for over 5 years.

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