Image Enhancement Using Photoshop
Tutorial by CGIndia

CGIndia brings you another very useful tutorial for Photoshop users. In this brief tutorial, we explains how to improve your rendered image using adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is for 3d artists who wants to improve their rendered image in post process using Photoshop and the same technique can be used for improving images with bad lighting and contrast.

No matter what 3d software ( 3ds max, Maya, XSI etc.) you use its not always possible to get the perfect image. So the first step is to leave the rendered image alone when you get well balanced lighting in your 3d software, or else you end up with either a overburnt or under lit image.

1) Now open your 3d rendered image or any image which needs improvement in Photoshop.

2) Create a new empty layer , as seen in the image below.

3) Now activate the background layer and select the whole image.
Copy the image and paste it in the empty layer you have created in previous step.

4) Now set the blending mode for the layer 1 to screen, in Adobe Photoshop. As shown in the image below.

5) Now adjust the layer fill up to your satisfaction, as shown in image below.

6) Now you just have to adjust color on your image using color balance option in Photoshop.
Click on Image + Adjustments + Color Balance

7) Flatten the layers And you are done. Also, if you need high variation of contract in your image , than you can repeat the step 4-5 and this time, choose blending mode - "color dodge" (again adjust the fill).


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