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Photoshop Tutorial :: Making Fire Energy
Free Digital Matte Painting Photoshop Tutorial by CG artist, shailesh pahuja
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CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for adobe Photoshop Users. The tutorials is created by CG Artist shailesh pahuja who shows us; How to easily create Digital Matte Painting using Adobe Photoshop. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com

The Making Fire Energy

In This Photoshop tutorial, I will try to explain how to create a simple digital Matte Painting. Although i have used Photoshop for this tutorial, you may use the same process in any other graphic software like Paintshop etc. This is quite easy tutorial to learn, but a basic know-how of Photoshop (or equivalent software) is required. I made this tutorial on request of my friend, who wanted to learn digital Matte painting. Hope you guys find it useful...Lets begin;

Lets start with a new document of size 1264x550 pixels. The first step, I do is to put a background color as the base color (Black for this scene). Then I choose Dodge, sharpen and brush as my tools. I have some great brushes, which I downloaded from Natascha Roeoesli website (www.tascha,ch) and I used three of it in this image, But my base brush is the round brush, one with opacity controlled by pen and the another with 100% opacity.

I Start to put more light bounces, defining the shapes and the sketch of the main character. I use some low opacity brushes for the far trees, as showen in the images below.

Tip: if your image got the basic sillout but its darker then, use Image drop down menu + apply image + choose blending = screen and opacity according to; how dark is your image?

More defining of objects and I use some of the Natascha brushes for leaves and little trees.

add some more leaves using Natascha Photoshop brushes and work on detailing individual objects. Keep Depth of the Field in mind while adding details on far object,.. Use blur filter if necessary.

Use the Smudge tool for making the fire more fluid, as showen in Image below.

Some great things happen when you use the sharpen tool, brings more details to things like logs and leaves, and some of the character details.

Make a new layer and Paint little dots of diffrent sizes with a single touch round brush. (you may hide the background for easy visual)

Now duplicate the layer and make some gaussian blur in the down layer to add the brightness effect.

Now for the final touchup, choose the dots layer again and add some noise (like 3to4%) to make it more warm and atmospheric feeling. You are done here, but if you like you may add more detailing in individual objects in the scene.....Good Luck!

Author: Shailesh Pahuja
about: I m a student of MAAC, Bhopal(M.P), India, pursuing diploma in 3d animations and visual effects. I love to make matte and digital paintings and i want to make my future in this line only. After visiting this useful website(cgindia), I thought to write for them.
website: http://www.freewebs.com/artbaazi


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