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3ds Max Video Tutorials
Free 3ds Max Video Tutorials by CG artist, Travis Williams
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CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free video tutorial for 3ds Max Users. The video tutorials is created by CG Artist Travis Williams who shows how to 3d model a Rim of Car using 3d Studio Max. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com (# Right Click on Tutorial video's link and save target as! )

3DS Max Tutorial : 3D Modeling Car Rim :
This is quite a useful 3ds max tutorial which explains, the 3d modeling process of a Car Rim in a very detailed manner. This is a very common way of modelling a Car Rim so you may have already seen tutorials like this. I have chosen to record this using the program Camtasia Studio so that you can see me modelling this from from Start to End showing you some of my Techniques. I have done the Modelling in 3D Studio Max 7, but can be done in almost all versions of 3D Studio Max.

Downloal Video Tutorial - Click here

Download the Reference files - Click here!

Author: Travis Williams
Email: mayhemation@hotmail.com
About Author- My Name is Travis Williams and I am currently 27 years old and living in South Australia. I have been using 3D Studio Max since 2002 and been learning the program ever since. I mainly do this as a personal hobby but have also done some freelance work on request.

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