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3ds MAX Tutorials

Various useful 3d studio Max Tutorials for begginers to professionals
CGIndia Featured 3dsMax tutorials

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free 3ds Max Tutorials. These tutorials will help you speed up your learning process as a Max user. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia@gmail.com.

3Ds Max Tutorial - 5 - Binding Objects :

3DsMax Head Modeling Tutorial - Plane Modeling :

TOP 15 Tips&Tricks for 3D Studio Max :

Here you have 15 of the most used Tips&Tricks of the FLORENCE DESIGN ACADEMY
TOP 15 Tips&Tricks- [ Tutorial Link ]

Making of 3D Girl (Tutorial):

In this brief tutorial, Ziv Qual explains Making of photorealistic 3D Girl (Ella) in 3ds MAx. In this tutorial Ziv will cover some of the interesting steps of this project.
Making of 3D Girl - [ Tutorial Link ]

Material Tutorial - Leather :

In this brief tutorial, Mario Malagrino explains how to create a Leather material. Leather is one of the most used materials in the field of Furniture design. Especially for design of sofas or couches.
Material Tutorial - Leather - [ Tutorial Link ]

VRay Tutorial :: Time is running :

This tutorials is created by CG Artist Jan K. Vollmer who shows us Making of "Time is running" using 3d Studio Max + VRay. The Vray Materials, lights and rendering settings are explained with the help of screenshots.
Time is running: Making Off - [ Tutorial Link ]

Advance Materials in Max :

CG Artists and 3ds Max Instructor Mario Malagrino shows us; How to create 3dsmax Advance Materials for Car paint and/or any other high Gloss Industrial Design product. You can use these advance Materials on any product design, especially for 3d mobile phones, mp3 players, bikes....or simply for a concept car.
Advance Materials: How to? - [ Tutorial Link ]

Organic 3d Modeling Series (The Head) :

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free Video Tutorials for 3ds Max Users. The video tutorials is created by CG Artist Eric Maslowski who shows how to Create Realistic "HEAD" using 3d Studio Max. This series of tutorials goes over the process of organic modeling in Max in great detail and the 1st part covers 3d modeling of Head.
Learn Organic 3d Modeling - [ Tutorial Link ]

Advance Illumination in 3d Studio Max :

Another great tutorial exloring Advance Lighting in Max. The tutorials is created by CG Artist and 3ds Max instructor "Mario Malagrino", who shows us how to achieve Advance Illumination in 3d Studio Max.
Learn Advance illumination - [ Tutorial Link ]

DeepUV Tutorial : UV MAPPING:

CGIndia.org bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for 3ds Max and DeepUV Users. This tutorial can be used with other 3d software like Maya, XSI, Lightwave etc along with DeepUV. The tutorials is created by CG Artist Ziv Qual who shows us the easy way of precise UVmapping using DeepUV along with any 3d software.
Learn the Easy Way of UV Mapping - [ Tutorial Link ]

VRAY TUTORIAL - Studio Lighting Explained:

CGIndia brings to you a new V-Ray Studio Lighting Tutorial, especially for the guys who want to get photoreal. In this V-Ray + 3ds Max tutorial, Kádas Géza explains in step by step method of lighting the interior scene. Geza with the help this tutorial explains the various stages involved, in the creation of photorealistic 3d Rendering.
- Making the environment
- Placing the lights
- Setting up V-Ray for tests
- Shaders / Materials
- Setting up VRay for final rendering
- Post-work in Photoshop
Learn Studio Lighting using V-Ray with 3ds max - [ Tutorial Link ]

3DS Max Tutorial - 3d Modeling And Rigging “Quad Bike”:

Making of "Quad Bike", a New CGIndia's featured 3ds Max tutorial by CG Artist Ali Ismail. In this Max tutorial Ali explains 3d modeling -to- Rigging process for animating Quad Bike.
Learn How to model and Rigg a Quad Bike - [ Tutorial Link ]

3DS Max Camera Matching Tutorial :

3DS Max Tutorial - Creating a model from a sketch :

UVW Unwrap - 3DS Max 2013 Tutorial :

Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design 2013: Enhanced AutoCAD Interoperability :

The Making of - "A Morning In Province" Using 3DS Max + VRay :

The Making of -"A Morning In Province" is new featured 3ds Max + V-Ray Tutorial by Julien Chiari, who explains the steps he have used in making of " A Morning in Province". Snip: For this 3D Scene, I have took reference from a very nice Photograph, which i have found in a magazine. The whole 3d Scene is done in 3D Studio Max and using V-Ray Rendering engine for Achieving realisim in the scene. I have divided the whole process into diff. parts: 3D Modeling, Texturing, CG lighting etc. Find how to Creat exterior rendering using 3ds max with vray - [ Tutorial Link ]

3d modeling and Rendering of Digital Radio* :

In this 3ds Max tutorial Jamshaid take you through the process of creating 3d model of a digital Radio and explains each step with the help of images and write-up. Snip: "Hi, My name is Jamshaid Raza and this is my first tutorial which I’m writing for cg-india.com. In This 3ds Max Tutorial, I will try to explain about the 3d modeling process with an easy to learn step-by-step method using images and write-up. Anyone with basic knowledge of 3ds max can"..!
Go to the digital Radio 3dsMax tutorial main page - [ Tutorial Link ]

The Making of Galaxy Explorer 3D Spaceship :

Following the announcement of Galaxy Explorer Contest winners, We decided to feature the Making of Galaxy Explorer Spaceship by CG Artist Aamir Khan - the first Runner up of Galaxy Explorer contest. Galaxy Explorer contest is quite unique and the idea behind providing the contestant with the base 3d model to work upon, is for making the contest much more competitive, giving a sense of live project (paid project you do in your studios) as well as too - give every contestant equal opportunity to Win, by asking contestant to work on the same 3d model rather than giving a loose theme in which artists tends to work only in the line of their strongest skill. Aamir Khan not only made a very detailed 3d model of spaceship keeping the contest guidelines in mind, infect his 3d model of Galaxy Explorer gives us a sense; that it is, quite Realistically possible in modest terms. In following write-up CG Artist Aamir khan tries explains about his concepts / 3d modeling and the making of his "Galaxy Explorer - da Evolution 3d / CG Contest" prize winning Entry.
Learn How to Make SpaceShip In 3ds Max - [ Tutorial Link ]

3D Modeling and Rendering of MayBach 57 :

The Making of Maybach 57 3D, is new featured Tutorial on CGIndia, written by CG Artist ALi Ismail. Snip: I made this image with 3ds Max7 and rendered it with V-Ray the background in the image is a photo, anyway I made this Maybach 57 3d model a while ago but it was rendered at first with a white background and subtle reflections , as you can see it doesn't look as realistic as the final image with the background , I wanted to test with the possibility of rendering cars with a photo composited as a background, but I was surprised how...!
3ds Max tutorial: 3D Modeling and Rendering of MayBach 57 - [ Tutorial Link ]

3DS Max Video Tutorial : 3D Modeling Car Rim :

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free Max video tutorial for 3ds Max Users. The video tutorials is created by CG Artist Travis Williams who shows how to 3d model a Rim of Car using 3d Studio Max. Travis Explained the 3d modelling process in very detailed manner and reference files are also available for download.
Learn how to 3d model the Rims of a CAR - [ Tutorial Link ]

Video Tutorials For Beginners (making highway and BasketBall) :

CGIndia bring you two quite Useful and Free Video tutorial for 3ds Max Users (beginer level). These video tutorials are created by very young CG Artist Juncu Remus Gabriel. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to cgindia[@]gmail.com. You learn modeling and texturing tips for : 1) How to make a basketBall 2) How to Make a Highway.
Beginner level 3ds Max tutorials for easy learing - [ Tutorial Link ]

More Tutorials for other 3d Softwares:
* Maya and Mudbox Workflow Tutorials - Tutorial link
* Three New Maya Video Tutorials - Click Here
* Sony Ericsson T610 3D Modeling Tutorial for Lightwave 3D users- 3d modeling tutorial
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