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!mpossible Pictures Welcomes Award-Winning VFX Supervisor Ed Kramer
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Creative digital studio !mpossible Pictures is pleased to welcome award-winning VFX Supervisor Ed Kramer to its team. Films featuring Kramer's visual effects work have been nominated for eight Academy Awards including "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest," which this past week won the Academy Award® for Best Visual Effects. Other nominations and features that include his work are "Star Wars I, II and III," "Van Helsing" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." Kramer's television work includes design packages for CBS Evening News, ABC Sports, HBO, Cinemax, Coca-Cola and CNN.

"A visual effects guru with Ed's pedigree is absolutely consistent with where we are headed as a company," says Steve Urbano, VP/Director of !mpossible Pictures. "Ed's work has already peaked the interest of several ad agencies. Not only are they are impressed with his reel, but also what a perfect fit he is at !mpossible Pictures."

"I moved to Denver mainly for my family," explains Kramer, who spent the past twelve years at ILM in San Francisco. "When I investigated the Denver television production industry, !mpossible Pictures stood out, head and shoulders above any other, in terms of their design, animation and visual effects. At !mpossible, I'll be working on a variety of projects where clients are looking for high production value in live action plus someone with many years of Hollywood film and effects experience."

To bring the relationship full circle, Kramer and !mpossible Pictures President/Executive Producer Joel Pilger discovered that they had worked together 15 years ago when Kramer was a Senior Animator at Crawford Communications and Pilger was a client.

Kramer most recently worked at ILM mainly in the capacity of Technical Director on the above-mentioned blockbusters as well as "The Perfect Storm," the two "Mummy" films, and "Planet of the Apes" among many others. He single-handedly saved the planet in "Deep Impact" - creating the exploding comet, which was on a collision course towards Earth, in the film's conclusion.

Prior to ILM, Kramer spent 13 years in video postproduction and VFX work for companies in Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. These included Kleiser/Walczak where he worked on "Stargate" and "Clear and Present Danger;" Crawford DESIGNefx where he contributed to commercials, as well as medical, industrial and legal graphics; and Compugraph Designs, EDITEL/LA and Image West. Past clients include NASA for which he created a CG film about an unmanned mission on Mars, Tribune Network, Lifetime, ESPN, Turner Entertainment, PBS and the Atlanta Olympics.

Among his many accolades and honors, Kramer counts three Clios, four Monitor Awards, four BDA Awards, and two Creativity Awards from Art Direction Magazine. He also served on the jury for the 2006 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival.

!mpossible Pictures is Located in the heart of historic Lower Downtown Denver, creative digital studio(TM) !mpossible Pictures produces commercials, network promos and design for television and advertising clients. The company of directors and artists tirelessly guides their clients through a unique process to realize their most ambitious visions. Services include creative direction, live action production, broadcast design, animation/visual effects, editorial, and finishing utilizing industrial strength tools like Flame, Smoke, Softimage XSI, Maya as well as After Effects and Final Cut.

!mpossible Pictures has produced award-winning work for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, DISH Network, Coors, McDonald's, Pepsi, and Ford. In addition to past Emmys, Clios, Addys and Art Directors awards, the artists of !mpossible Pictures recently won a 2006 Gold BDA Award in Total Package Design for the NRB Network, as well as regional Emmys for their graphics package for the Colorado Avalanche NHL team and a commercial for Ford Motor Company.

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