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The Foundry Announce Plug-ins Upgrade for Shake 4.1
Free Upgrades For Shake Customers
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London, UK. 14th July 2006. -Leading visual effects developer The Foundry is delighted to announce a free upgrade for its Furnace, Keylight and Tinder for Shake customers. The Foundry’s complete range of plug-ins now fully support Shake 4.1 on Intel-based Macs and are available as a free upgrade to existing customers.

Customers running the latest versions of The Foundry’s plug-ins and opt to upgrade to Shake 4.1 are eligible for free upgrades on their Furnace, Tinder and Keylight plug-ins. The latest free upgrade releases from The Foundry include bug fixes and support Shake 4.1 on Intel Mac, PPC Mac and Linux.

Dr Bill Collis, Head of Research and Development at The Foundry commented “We are fully committed to developing our product portfolio and will continue to do our utmost to deliver free of charge maintenance releases and provide support for the latest versions of host system hardware and software.”

Customers wishing to take advantage of the free Shake 4.1 upgrade should contact for more information.

The Foundry’s products are widely acclaimed across the industry having been used by thousands of artists on a huge variety of projects including blockbuster movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Batman Begins, King Kong, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

About The Foundry

The Foundry is a software developer specialising in plug-in visual effects for the film and video markets. From an initial start-up in 1996 by Bruno Nicoletti, The Foundry has grown considerably in size and scope over the last ten years. Initially Bruno and his business partner Simon Robinson used their extensive experience in post production to produce Tinder plug-ins for Discreet's® Flame® systems - the first set of such plug-ins to be commercially available. Today the company employs more than a dozen people and develops and markets plug-ins on a range of host applications, including After Effects, Autodesk? Media Entertainment Systems, Apple's Shake and Avid|DS. In January 2004 The Foundry launched OpenFX, an open plug-in solution that is setting the new standard for industry plug-in development and support. Website:


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