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The ObjectPainter 1.3 has been released.

ObjectPainter is the most affordable solution for high quality textures edition
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23 May 2006 – cameleon-labs software introduces ObjectPainter 1.3, The most affordable- high quality 3D texturing solution.You can edit your textures just like you did before, using Adobe Photoshop and all of its powerfull tools, but now you can see all the changes in realtime in the 3D preview window! The unique 'plugin-application' architecture gives you the power of 3D texturing edition directly in Photoshop. ObjectPainter is compatible with Photoshop 6.0, 7.0, CS and CS2.

Key ObjectPainter features are:-

  • realtime preview in 3D for textures edited in Adobe Photoshop
  • both UV and normal maps support
  • realtime brush size and position view while painting
  • full support for all of the Photoshop tools and third party plug-ins
  • zoom, rotation and move in the 3D preview window
  • support for .3ds, .lwo, .xsi nad .obj 3D objects formats
  • Direct3D rendering engine with: Color/Diffuse, Bump, Luminosity, Specularity, Glossines, Reflections, Transparency, Refraction and Transluency channels
  • 2 refresh modes: realtime and manual
  • two rendering modes: Texture effect and Texture pattern
  • object wireframe display on/off
  • UV mesh display on/off
  • compact display mode showing the 3D window only for space saving
  • no limits on the edited texture size, max texture size dependent on your graphics adapter capabilities

  • To find out more and understand the way ObjectPainter works have a look at the screenshots section, or at the video tutorial.
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