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Got3D Releases New Collection Of 100 Business People Textures
New Collection Provides High Quality and Amazing Variety
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Lexington, Kentucky (Jun 6, 2006) -- Got3D announces the release of its newest texture content collection, 100 Business People. This versatile texture collection has 11 different people in a total of 100 separate poses. Each pose has been photographed from four different directions, as well, providing the flexibility to show the same setting from different angles without distracting changes in the model’s position relative to the scene.

Each texture in the collection averages over 3,500 vertical pixels allowing for an excellent quality image whether the textures are used in the foreground or more distant from the camera. The textures are all high quality JPEG images and include a detailed matching alpha texture. The 100 Business People Texture Collection includes a versatile combination of men, women, different ethnicities, and poses including standing, walking, and sitting so that a single collection can populate any business or professional environment.
This new collection, like all of Got3D’s texture and model content, is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Customers can even download an actual sample texture from this collection to try before they buy. The 100 Business People Texture Collection retails for a low $80.00, an outstanding value for any computer visualization professional.

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