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finalRender Stage-1 Release 2.0 for 3ds Max Available Now!

(Boston – March 28, 2007) cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, today announces the release of finalRender Stage-1 Release 2.0 (R2.0) for 3ds Max.

Welcome to Release 2 of finalRender Stage-1. In our ongoing desire to serve the needs and expectations of our customers, cebas Computer now releases the next generation in finalRender Stage-1 for 3ds Max.

What's New in R2.0?

3dsmax 9 32 and 64 bit Support

finalRender Stage-1 R2 now supports 3dsmax 9 32 and 64 bit. finalRender brings you the power of 64 Bit rendering like never before. Render with huge textures, immense poly counts, outrageous MTD and gigantic finalToon output. To add to your 64 bit work flow, finalRender allows for mixed 32 and 64 bit distributed rendering. You can use both your 64 and 32 bit machines to render with, allowing for a easy transition to 64 bit.

AQMC GI Engine

finalRender Stage-0 unleashed the first affordable and fast GI solution for 3ds Max. Then came Stage-1 R1.0 and now finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 revolutionizes rendering all over again! With the addition of AQMC, the brand new GI engine, a new era in robust and animatable GI rendering has been started. To learn more about this GI engine

Flicker Free GI

finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 for 3ds max has many options for GI and animation. Our AQMC GI engine has a Camera Fly mode for non-moving/deforming scenes and a Character Animation mode for moving/deforming objects.

Acceleration Engine (MSP)

finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 now comes with a whole new rendering acceleration core that is completely different than its predecessor! SceneMSP now supports more complex scenes with less memory consumption and allows for even faster rendering. This all new SceneMSP renders and preforms up to 50% faster compared to the old Stage-1 R1.0.

fR-Physical Sky

finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 delivers with a Physical Sky Rendering model that allows to create automatic HDRI backgrounds that are based on real world measurements. Sun position and sky color is calculated automatically with a set of a few easy-to- control parameters. Besides the fixed background map option there is also a new texture map that allows for even more control in your renderings.

fR-Skin *

Human Skin and other advanced SSS rendering effects have been a privilege of finalShaders users before! But now, with R2.0, all of this power comes into the core of finalRender Stage-1 along with unlimited network rendering!


An all new advanced and yet easy to set up finalRender material! This material emulates the standard 3ds max Arch&Design material so that every 3ds Max user can feel at home right away or even use scenes with the original 3ds Max material applied.


Adding a true light material to 3ds Max opens up a whole new way in lighting scenes with finalRender Stage-1. With a true area light source, any surface in a scene may be turned into a real area light by just applying this material!

fR-Ambient Occlusion

A true and full blown and highly optimized Ambient Occlusion Map is now part of the finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 Core.


By adding a new powerful MTD modifier to the tool set of finalRender, even more advanced effects are now possible!

Rectangular Light

Rectangular Lights have always been the major lighting tool for professionals. Now, finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 comes with a huge bunch of enhancements and additions to this feature. An immense release of power comes from the use of Light Portals in scenes that use GI and openings in walls (windows).

Render Elements

finalRender has always been strong in supporting Render Elements. In fact, it was the first 3rd party renderer to support all the standard 3ds Max Render Elements. Now with this latest release, finalRender supports even more Render Elements than ever before. Besides adding finalRender specific Render Elements many additional options and features have been added as like include and excludes for RE's, Advanced Zdepth and Tdepth!

New Render UI

Everything today is about workflow and getting the most out of your tools. finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 used all the suggestions for optimization that came from actual users to help shape the next generation of this rendering application.

Baking Render Elements

3ds Max's native Render To Texture feature is now the only supported texture baking option for finalRender Stage-1. Many additional Baking Elements were added to fully support all the advanced features of finalRender.

3ds Max Exposure Control

To support all the power Render Elements can give you, finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 introduces a 3ds Max conform Exposure control that fully exposes all the power of finalRender's unique Color Mapping tools. By using the standard 3ds Max Exposure Control from within the Environment Menu section, the best possible compatibility can be guaranteed and full support of all Render Elements is expected.


Several enhancements and additions have been made to the finalRender materials for even greater control.

Enhancement to Geometric Sampler

Geometric sampling is a powerful feature of finalRender and it has been enhanced to increase ease of use and efficiency, especially when UltraBlur™ is used.

Automatic Details Detection

For the first time, finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 introduces an automatic option to drastically increase small details and allow for much faster GI rendering. This new Details Detection algorithm that can be added to all optimized Global Illumination engines is now available in finalRender. Every GI rendering will look better and more detailed even when less samples or higher interpolation values are used.

UltraBlur™ Enhanced

finalRender introduced its proprietary UltraBlur™ technology with finalRender Stage-0. By adding true multi-threading support and doing extreme enhancements to the algorithms, UltraBlur™ now offers the best possible compromise between speed and image quality when it comes to rendering blurry reflection/refraction effects.

New Installation Method and Structure

The finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 installation now supports parallel installs of multiple 3ds Max releases. Every DR Render slave installation comes in an isolated subfolder that for DR rendering with multiple 3ds Max Releases without changing configuration files.
In addition the aforementioned features, the installation of the finalRender plug-in has been moved out of 3ds Max' root folder to make it even easier to handle it in complex networks.


Wax rendering and other advanced SSS rendering effects have been a privilege of finalShaders users before! But now, with R2.0 of Stage-1 all of this power comes into the core of finalRender along with unlimited network rendering!


finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 comes with a full load of advanced and ready to use materials, one of it being the all new fR-Fillet material which allows the user to easily add rounded and soft corners on every sharp edge of an object. This extremely powerful rendering effect can help in adding the last bit of realism to all of your renderings!

Full Support of Velocity Channel

finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 now fully supports the creation of the Velocity RPF Channel and the Relevant Render Element channel.

fR Block Bit Map Format Importers/Exporters

The introduction of finalRender's Bitmap Pager technology brought a great relief to all users who are in desperate need for extremely high resolution renderings or who are using extremely high resolution texture maps. With finalRender Stage-1 R2.0, you can now Load and Save finalRender's native .bbt format directly from within 3ds Max.


fR-Dirt offers many more advanced effects you won't find in the texture map, including dirt placement based on a bump map and full Render Elements support. It's amazing how simple it is to create wear and tear in just a few mouse clicks.


fR-CarPaint is an advanced metallic shader/material that creates car paint effects extremely fast. It is easy to set up and offers all the flexibility and power you need. Creating metallic car paint effects (metal glitters enclosed in the lacquer) with adjustable size and strength is simple with fR-Carpaint!

How to get it

R2.0 is available now and can be purchased at the cebas Shop.

Free finalShaders!!!

Any full purchase of finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 (before April 30th, 2007) will get a 12 CPU license of finalShaders 2.0 FREE (a $200 value). Any upgrade will get a 6 CPU license of finalShaders for FREE. You may be familiar with all the amazing shaders included in 1.0 but wait until you see what is included in finalShaders 2.0. There are now five brand new, incredible shaders! Take a look at the finalShaders Website and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 retails for $995. Upgrade pricing is available for current Stage-1 owners for $395. finalRender is fully compatible with 3ds Max 6 through 9, as well as full 64 bit support.

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