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NaturalMotion Releases endorphin 2.7
New Version Features Fluid Effects, Maya Panel Plug-in, Improved User Resources and More; Free Learning Edition Available
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OXFORD, UK – Dec. 5, 2006 ---NaturalMotion Ltd., developers of the highly-acclaimed Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) technology, today announced the immediate availability of endorphin 2.7 and the endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition (eLE). The newest version of NaturalMotion’s award-winning animation software, endorphin 2.7 features new fluid effects support, a Maya control panel plug-in, extended forces and torques, additional file format support and improved user resources. endorphin 2.7’s robust suite of tools are designed to enhance workflow for animators creating realistic, fully interactive 3D character animation for games, films and broadcast production.
endorphin is used by many leading game and visual effects companies, such as FreeStyle Games, which recently employed endorphin’s character animation toolset for B-Boy, a renowned hip-hop and break-dancing title for Sony Playstation 2 and PSP. Jamie Jackson, art director at FreeStyle Games, comments on the company’s use of endorphin for B-Boy:

“The B-Boy title required the development of many challenging movements that were too time-consuming to hand animate, and virtually impossible to recreate in a motion capture studio,” said Jackson. “With endorphin in our pipeline we could create a wide array of unique crashes for all of the B-Boys and B-Girls, ranging from simple handstand fall outs (landing mostly onto their faces), to full-on neck breakers out of a no-handed air flare. When you see the results in-game, you realize how dangerous it would have been for the B-Boys to recreate these movements for real. endorphin allowed us to deliver incredibly realistic movements and stunts without any broken bones.”

endorphin 2.7 includes several new and improved features:

  • Fluid effects - Characters and objects can now interact with fluids (e.g. water, air, mud) in a physically-plausible manner, including buoyancy and drag forces. Additional effects such as moving fluids and waves are also supported.

  • endorphin Control Panel plug-in for Maya - New plug-in allows animation generated by a Maya control rig to be mapped onto an endorphin character, and allows animation generated by endorphin to be mapped onto a Maya control rig. This enables users to drive complex IK rigs using endorphin, and allows users to animate over the endorphin motion, to enhance or replace it on a joint-by-joint basis.

  • Extended forces and torques - The Push physical effect behavior allows a force to be applied over multiple frames. The Twist physical effect behavior allows a torque (rotational force) to be applied over multiple frames.

  • Improved hold effect - A new ‘stickiness’ parameter allows users to model the effect of sticky surfaces.

  • Improved file format support - Extended support for new Acclaim 2 file format.

  • Improved resources - A new library of standard simulation characters and prop characters, a revised endorphin User Guide, and additional tutorials for fluid, push and twist physical effects.
  • Current endorphin users include Blitz Games, Sony Computer Entertainment, Tigar Hare Studios, EA, Namco, Capcom, Konami, Giant Killer Robots, CIS Hollywood, The Mill and Moving Picture Company. endorphin offers an entirely new approach to 3D animation, and is the only character animation software to utilize DMS, a technology based on artificial intelligence controllers that imitate the human nervous system. Unlike conventional animation techniques such as key-framing or motion capture, endorphin’s DMS technology uses the CPU to simulate the brain and body of 3D characters, which allows animators to synthesize human movements in real time. This approach produces directed and fully-interactive 3D characters that essentially animate themselves with real-life movements that are unique every time; thus dramatically reducing animation asset production time.

    endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition
    The endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition (eLE) is available for immediate download from www.naturalmotion.com. The eLE contains the same features found in endorphin 2.7, relevant product documentation and a comprehensive support network via the company’s active endorphin forum, which includes more than 30,000 registered users. The software has no time restrictions; however, it is motion file export disabled and is not to be used for commercial production.

    Pricing and Availability
    endorphin 2.7 is available now for USD $9,495. The upgrade is free of charge to existing NaturalMotion customers with a valid maintenance contract. NaturalMotion also gives customers an opportunity to rent endorphin on a monthly basis for USD $1,195. For additional information on NaturalMotion, endorphin or DMS technology, please visit www.naturalmotion.com.
    For Endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition download - Click here

    About - NaturalMotion

    NaturalMotion Ltd. is the first company to create 3D character animation software based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviours and artificial intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system. Based on Oxford University research on the control of body movements, NaturalMotion’s euphoria synthesizes 3D character animation in real time on Playstation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC, thus creating unique game moments and previously unachievable interactivity. NaturalMotion’s other DMS product endorphin creates off-line animation an order of magnitude faster than traditional techniques, and is widely used in the film and games industries, with customers such as Sony, Giant Killer Robots, The Mill, Capcom, Namco and Konami. In August 2006, NaturalMotion announced its third product, morpheme. morpheme is the industry’s first graphically authorable animation engine designed to give animators full control over the look of their animations in-game.
    For more information please visit www.naturalmotion.com or join the 30,000 endorphin LE users at community.naturalmotion.com.

    SOURCE: NaturalMotion Ltd.

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