Digital-Tutors Releases Next-Generation Game Techniques in XSI Training

New Training Provides an Interactive Solution to Learning Game Techniques in XSI

Oklahoma City, OK – August 25, 2006 -Digital-Tutors, today announced the availability of "Next-Generation Game Techniques in XSI" – a comprehensive resource for game artists and the newest release in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for emerging digital artists. Artists can now learn innovative and popular techniques being use in next-generation games in an interactive and self-paced setting. "Next-Generation Game Techniques in XSI" provides over 3.5 hours of project-driven training to increase the artist's understanding of next-generation game development and implementing a time-saving workflow in XSI and Ogre 3D. A free copy of OGRE and an exclusive texture library provided by Total Textures are also included - allowing you immediate access to learn all the concepts presented.

"We're very happy to see Digital-Tutors incorporating OGRE into their training products and providing the opportunity to help more artists become familiar with creating content with OGRE," said Steve Streeting, project lead for Ogre 3D. Streeting added, "We have worked in partnership with Softimage for some time, aiming to ensure that the transfer of assets from XSI to OGRE is as smooth as possible, so we're excited to see Digital-Tutors developing training that covers this very subject."

Highlights from "Next-Generation Game Techniques in XSI" include: UV layout in XSI, implementing XSI's Ultimapper to create high-res normal maps for low-res characters, generating normal, occlusion, depth, and parallax maps, painting detailed textures in Photoshop, baking indirect lighting and shadows into texture maps, building game-friendly animation rigs, animating a walk cycle, baking animation for efficiency, adjusting envelope weights, export assets to Ogre 3D, C++ programming, building interactive demos in Ogre 3D, real-time normal and parallax mapping, polygon reduction tools, and additional lessons designed to give you a complete understanding of next generation game development.

"Next-generation game techniques is a hot topic in the industry today and our latest training title meets the demand of artists in the industry and provides a ground-breaking start for those seeking to enter the industry," said Sandip Patel, director of global business. "In addition to the latest training, Digital-Tutors will also be presenting 90 minute workshops that cover similar topics at Austin Game Conference September 7-8. Digital-Tutors welcomes all CG artists interested in learning next-generation techniques to attend the sessions and meet the Digital-Tutors team," added Patel.

For a full outline and pricing information of "Next-Generation Game Techniques in XSI" visit: http://www.digitaltutors.com/store/product.php?productid=1761

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