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Depth of Field Generator PRO Version 3.0 Released
Sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process.
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Oct 1st , 2006 --We are proud to announce the official release of DOF PRO v3.0. DOF PRO v3.0 is the follow-up update to our award-winning depth of field processing filter for Adobe Photoshop (or filter-compliant applications) currently being used by thousands of professional digital artists and production studios world-wide. DOF PRO has been developed with quality output being the number one priority - to produce the most sophisticated and photorealistic DOF effects possible as a post process thus providing a faster alternative to computationally-intensive traditional 3D raytracing techniques. DOF PRO has been reviewed by numerous publishers world-wide, always receiving outstanding reviews, honorary mentions and feature publications. Most important of all, DOF PRO has become the chosen tool for uncompromised, high-quality DOF effects.

DOF PRO v3.0 features an impressive list of new features.

Depth of Field Generator PRO v3.0 features:

  • Realistic simulation of complex depth of field camera effects

  • Full Batch / Animation / Keyframing support, including:

  • - Industry standardized sequentially padded file reader
    - Support for all common graphics file formats including .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .tga
    - Source, Depth Map and Output image specification
    - Hold frame option for single source frames requiring sequential depth maps
    - Hold frame option for single depth Map frames requiring sequential source maps
    - Automatic Start and End frame counter
    - Start and End frame adjustment / range selection
    - Log file generation and display
    - Automatic preview window updater
    - Full keyframe animation support of all sliders complete with animation curves
    - Graphic display and interactive editing of all animation curves
    - Broad range of animation curve interpolation methods
    - Custom interpolation mode for ease in/out, hard in/out etc.
    - Keyframe jump-to features
    - Keyframe copy and paste features
    - Interactive timeline scrubbing
    - Frame preview

  • Various Depth Map modes, including:

  • - Fixed Defocus
    - Vertical Gradient
    - Radial Gradient
    - External Depth Map

  • Powerful focal point adjustment and visualization tools, including

  • - Focal Depth controller allowing the user to change the focal point of an already existing depth map
    - Preview window clickable option for interactively selecting where the user wants the focal point
    - Option to display the currently selected depth map or focal point
    - Option to overlay the depth map over the source image for visual representation of the focal plane

  • Numerous Depth Map editing tools, including:

  • - Inversion
    - Brightness
    - Contrast
    - Gamma
    - Rotation
    - Stretch Range
    - Clamp Range
    - Scale Range

  • Depth Map Edge Management for artefact reduction/elimination, including:

  • - Alias Depth Map
    - Adjustable Edge Threshold
    - Adjustable Edge Blurring
    - Option to display selected edges

  • Full Aperture / Bokeh control, including:

  • - Custom Aperture Maps (Create your own aperture shapes in any external application)
    - Selectable Aperture Shape (Circular, Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Heptagonal, Octagonal, Custom Aperture Map)
    - Adjustable Aperture Size
    - Adjustable Bokeh Angle
    - Adjustable Bokeh Curvature/Roundness (Both negative and positive values)
    - Adjustable Bokeh Spherical Aberration (Bokeh 'rings' - Both negative and positive values)
    - Option to toggle between low and high aperture sizes (to accomodate film and print requirements)
    - Option to display selected Bokeh

    ........ Many more new and Performance enhancing features. For full set of DOF Pro V.3.0, features, Please visit DOF Pro v3 features page

    For more information about DOF please visit www.dofpro.com.

    SOURCE: Richard Rosenman - Advertising and Design.

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