Digimation Releases Max Monster Pak with Bonus Plug-ins
Huge Collection of 3D Models, Textures and MoCap Files Available for a Limited Time
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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana–August 9, 2006-Digimation® today announced the immediate limited availability of the Max Monster Pak; a collection of more than 13,000 3D models, textures and motion capture files for 3ds Max users. The Max Monster Pak includes more than 5,100 textured 3D models, 7,000 texture maps and 900 motion capture files - more than $13,000 worth of products - for the low price of only $1,799. The Max Monster Pak is being released in limited supply - only 100 copies of the product have been created and are being sold on a first come first served basis.

"This is the largest collection of its kind ever released for 3ds Max users," said David Avgikos, President of Digimation. "We're excited to release this limited edition product, which will make an excellent library for serious 3D artists."

The Max Monster Pak ships on nineteen CDs and contains the following products:

  • The Model Bank Collection - 4,500 realistic models and 4,000 textures
  • Rolling Thunder Collection - 200 detailed and accurate tanks from the 20th century
  • Fighting Aircraft of WWII - 25 textured military aircraft models of WWII
  • 3D History Volume 1 - 54 textured military models from the 20th century
  • RealModels Tropical Foliage - more than 250 textured photorealistic plant models
  • RansomActive Texture Collection - more than 1,900 tileable textures
  • Accents Texture Collection - more than 600 specialty textures and environments
  • Xeno-1 Textures - more than 500 unique and organic alien textures
  • Earth Images 6km - highly detailed 8K resolution satellite images of Earth
  • MoCap 400- more than 400 motion capture files in BVH format
  • Muybridge Variations - 500 motion capture files in BIP format

  • Special Limited Bonus
    The first fifty customers will also receive a CD-ROM containing ten of Digimation's most popular plug-ins for 3ds Max including; Bones Pro 3, Tree Factory, Chameleon, Max Sculpt, Clay Studio, DigiPeople, Sand Blaster, Lightning, Fractal Flow and Light Galleries - a retail value of $1,150.

    Pricing and Availability
    The Max Monster Pak is available now on CD-ROM for a limited basis for $1,799 USD. The models and textures included in the Max Monster Pak are compatible with 3ds Max 2 and higher. Plug-ins require 3ds max 5 or higher. More info can be found at www.digimation.com/mmp

    About Digimation, Inc.
    Digimation is the world leader in digital content solutions, and works to accelerate the development and enhance the quality of visual communication, education, entertainment and business by providing the definitive source of quality 3D digital content, creative services and graphics software solutions. Digimation consists of three divisions; content, tools and services. For more information about the company's award-winning products and services, please visit: www.digimation.com.

    SOURCE: Digimation, Inc.

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