Craft Animations released Extended Versions of Craft Directors Tools
Craft 4-Wheeler and Airplane Extended versions for 695USD/- each
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Craft Animations, Gothenburg Sweden (December 7, 2006) - Today Craft Animations announced the release of Extended Versions of Craft Directors Tools.
Craft 4-Wheeler Extended
Craft Director Tools’ latest addition is the much anticipated Craft 4-Wheeler Extended! Not only does Craft 4-Wheeler Extended bring you the amazing physical realism and real-time control of Craft 4-Wheeler, it is also equipped with an Autonomous Mode that makes your vehicle follow splines.

Craft 4-Wheeler Extended can be animated relative to the spline in real time, allowing you to control speed and position manually as your vehicle travels down the chosen path.

Craft 4-Wheeler Extended is also equipped with a new-and-improved Chassis Relocator. This is used, for example, when you want to fine-tune an animation: move the high-poly just a little to the left or to the right of the path the dummy takes.

Perhaps your truck grazed the side of the truck next to it when it backed into the dock. No problem! Chassis Relocator will help you move your truck over a few inches over at the critical frame and - voila - no fender-benders!

Craft Airplane Extended
Just as amazing is Craft Airplane Extended that which will likewise allow your aircraft to follow splines.
Craft Airplane Extended is also equipped with a Body Relocator that can move the high-poly airplane model in relation to the animated Craft dummy.

About - Craft Animations

Craft Animations AB produces, markets and sells real-time software to the 3D animation, VR and gaming industries offering Craft Director Tools, a series of plug-ins based on several years of development and research into neural networking, AI, and autonomous control systems. Our aim is to help customers benefit from the research by enhancing realism and improving production speeds in their line of work.
For more information please visit www.craftanimations.com

SOURCE: Craft Animations

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