Introducing Wizard Eye 3D, A New Renderer for Lightwave 3D

A New Renderer with a focus on LightWave 3D

Wizard Eye 3D is an external renderer for professionals who want to have a flexible mechanism with many ways to turn their desires into a picture or an animation.

Advanced Scripting System is to assist them in their ideas. Graphical User Interface provides them with an easy way to visualize and animate all values of the scene.

Because Wizard Eye 3D inherits a lot from Renderman World, anyone familiar with Renderman rendering style can simply use Wizard Eye 3D system to create custom materials, volumetric and camera effects. Wizard Eye 3D Scripting language does not have so many differences from Renderman Scripting language, but Wizard Eye 3D architecture has lots of them. It provides a flexibility and a extensibility to Wizard Eye 3D.

Currently we have developed a Lightwave 3D compatibility only. A scene can be exported to a file or sent to Wizard Eye 3D through the Lightwave 3D plugin. It allows to change geometry, object and light positions with no loss of Wizard Eye 3D data.

\\\\ See the Wizard Eye 3D feature list at www.wizeye3d.com/features
\\\\ Demo version located at http://www.wizeye3d.com/downloads

Source: WizEye3d.com

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