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Render and work in After Effects: Maximize full use of all CPU resources
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Ottawa, ON, August 31, 2006 /PRNewswire--GridIron® Software today announced the availability of GridIron Nucleo Pro, a productivity enhancement tool that optimizes the workflow for visual effects artists working in After Effects on multi-processor and multi-core computers. Nucleo Pro, an Adobe® After Effects® plug-in introduces the never seen before concept of rendering and working at the same time, while maximizing the full use of all available CPU resources.

GridIron Nucleo Pro is a follow up to GridIron’s highly popular Nucleo, which allows After Effects users to fully utilize all CPU’s in a multi-CPU or multi-core workstation when generating previews and renders. GridIron’s Nucleo Pro focuses on greatly optimizing how an artist uses After Effects.

“Nucleo Pro enhances the Nucleo workflow, giving our customers new ways to optimize their use of After Effects, enabling them to create better content in less time,” said Simon Hayhurst, director of product management, Video products for Adobe Systems.

“I have been testing Nucleo Pro for over a month now on a Quad Power Mac G5 and can hardly believe the increase in productivity with After Effects 7. Even though After Effects is multi-processor aware, Nucleo Pro somehow harnesses the full power of all four processors. In my tests I have found both previews and renders to disk to be at least twice as fast as compared to regular settings in After Effects. My favorite new feature is the background render queue – I couldn’t possibly live without it,” said Jack Tunnicliffe, Visual Effects Artist at Java Post Production – VFX House for Canada’s Hit Program Corner Gas.

Features unique to Nucleo Pro

  • Render while you work with Spec Preview and Spec Render. When you make a change, Nucleo Pro detects it and regenerates the frames or appropriates the files.
  • Push the render to the background using the new Background Render Queue and continue working in After Effects, or any other application.
  • Commit layers to disk to have Nucleo Pro render only the specified layers.
  • Features available in both Nucleo Pro and Nucleo

  • Specify which type of preview you would like Nucleo to emulate, Standard (spacebar) Preview, RAM Preview, or Shift RAM Preview.
  • Render out to both sequences and movies in any format supported by After Effects.
  • Boost performance by optimizing how After Effects consumes RAM on your system.
  • Prevent disk thrashing bottlenecks by optimizing disk writes through a single process.

  • A free demo is available at http://www.gridironsoftware.com/download/

    For additional product details, visit the Nucleo Pro Features page.

    Pricing and Availability

  • GridIron Nucleo Pro ($495 US per workstation) supports Adobe After Effects version 7.0 on both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • GridIron Nucleo ($149.95 US per workstation) supports Adobe After Effects version 6.5 and 7.0 on both Windows and Mac OS X.


    GridIron Software is the leading software provider in high performance work Autodesk, Inc.on is to provide tools that leverage its unique expertise in parallel programming and system optimization, for the creative content professional. Providing products that allow software to properly utilize multi-core and multi-cpu workstations, GridIron is the market leader in providing utilities for the creative professional.


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