TVP Animation Pro Released - Demo Available For Download!
TVP Animation Pro will push up the limits reached by the previous versions regarding the traditional animation tools and video edition
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Metz, France - December, 13th. 2006 ---TVPaint Developpement, a bitmap graphic and 2D animation solution provider, is glad to announce the immediate release of TVP Animation Pro for both PC-Windows and Mac-Universal Binary platforms.
TVP Animation Pro will push up the limits reached by the previous versions regarding the traditional animation tools and video edition. Thanks to the painting engine, one of the most powerful on the market, TVP Animation Pro is intended to be the ideal tool of the profesionnal animator. Combining the versatility of Mirage worldly known since 2003 and the major improvements brought by TVP Animation, the new features this new product will offer makes it the ultimate tool for the creation of motion graphics.

TVP Animation Pro include all the painting, animation and video edition tools well known by the Mirage users, to which are added the latest painting and animation engine from TVP Animation and of course new features.
A XSheet tool (Exposure sheet, see hereafter), the support of HD video cards, original drawing modes, new effects are on the list of the new features among other things... The list of the features included is available on the TVPaint website.

TVP Animation Pro uses also an improved version of the George scripting language in order to bring to a higher level the ability to create the perfect customized interface. The free scripts that are available for TVP Animation are fully compatible with TVP Animation Pro.

This new version brings up a brand new XSheet (Exposure sheet) tool. The XSheet is a document that every traditional animator know and use and which is the core of their animation project. The implementation of such a feature optimize significantly the traditional animation production pipeline while it completes perfectly the ability offered by the TVPaint products. The digital 2D animators can now really claim to go fully paperless while keeping their habits and using the XSheet.

The frontier between traditional animation and computer assisted animation will become more and more unperceivable now... Combining an improved projects management thanks to the new tab of the Timeline panel, your works will be improved with an incredible flexibility !

Pricing and Availability
TVP Animation Pro 1.1 is now available for PC (Win2K/XP) and Apple's Mac (OS X 10.3 minimum) and for the new Intel-based Macintosh for a price of 950 euros for the full commercial version, 475 euros for the Upgrade version (available to old TVPaint products' owners - to know if you can qualify for the upgrade pricing, please contact us at info@tvpaint.fr). The Education licence is available in 2 versions (1 seat for 475 euros and 5 seats for 950 euros).
Download Demo - Download TVP Animation Pro

About TVP Animation

Made by artists for artists, TVP Animation Pro provides the users with an impressive, complete and fully customizable drawing toolset that will allow to bring your graphics ito life. You will be able to add a nice professional touch to your projects thanks to the various video effects included in the software.
TVP Animation Pro is the second release of a new range of TVPaint products after TVP Animation, taking advantage of the TVPaint technology, world famous since its performances with Newtek's Aura and Bauhaus Software's Mirage and always improved for better results. TVPaint Animation will fit in any production workflows, traditionnal, fully digital or hybrid since its workflow make it able to fit in any production pipeline, from sketches to complex sequences using a multiplane camera or particles effects. .
For more information please visit www.tvpaint.com

SOURCE: TVPaint Developpement

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