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Skymatter Releases Mudbox 1.0
Highly anticipated debut of high-end sculpting software developed by professional computer artists.
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Skymatter,a 3D software company founded by computer artists from Weta Digital and Electronic Arts, announced today the first public release of its highly anticipated sculpting software, Mudbox. After two years of production testing with several of the largest film and game companies, Mudbox is now available for purchase.

Mudbox is the first high-resolution, brush-based sculpting software built from the ground up for the professional sculptor. Used on major productions by leading visual effects, game development, and toy manufacturing companies, Mudbox offers a powerful and friendly toolset for sculpting “movie star” quality 3D characters, creatures, objects and environments.

“Mudbox is quite simply a brilliantly designed, easy to use brush-based 3d modeling package. It's a pleasure to use,” says Sven Jensen, a senior Character Modeler at Academy Award®-winning Tippett Studio. “It's obvious that Mudbox is designed from the ground up by professional modelers. There's no other explanation for getting it so right.”

Mudbox 1.0 introduces powerful new concepts such as true 3D Layers, which allows CG artists to organize sculpted forms and details on separate layers; and innovative mirroring technology, which enables artists to sculpt symmetrically on asymmetrical or posed models.

“The freedom of multiple layers combined with an innovative toolset has drastically increased our production and iteration times,” says Rich Diamant, Lead Character Modeler at Naughty Dog. “I can't imagine how we would survive without Mudbox in our production pipeline.” Kenneth Scott, Art Director at Id Software, agrees, “Smart interface and production-minded tools have put Mudbox on the top of our Character production Arsenal. It was indispensable day one.”

Mudbox 1.0 is available now for purchase and download at www.mudbox3d.com. Mudbox 1.0 Professional pricing starts at US$649. Floating (network) seats and Gold Support options are also available. A noncommercial version, Mudbox 1.0 Basic, is available for US$299.

Skymatter Limited, a 3D software company founded by computer artists from Weta Digital and Electronic Arts, is committed to providing real solutions for the high-end visual effects, gaming and design industries.
For more information please visit www.mudbox3d.com

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