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Houdini is the most complete visual effects and animation solution available, and version 9 is again a step forward towards artist-friendliness
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SideFX softwares inc.(December 1, 2006) --- In September and October, Side Effects Software hit the road to meet with the Houdini community in London, Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles. While the main goal of the Roadshow was to talk about the character animation, lighting and visual effects tools in Houdini 8.1, audiences were treated to a Houdini 9 sneak peek. Now, for those people who couldn’t make it to the roadshow, Side Effects Software is pleased to post the sneak peek online.

Slated for release in the second half of 2007, Houdini 9 is going to be exciting for both existing users and for artists new to Houdini. In addition to a new fluid solver that is fully integrated into Houdini’s dynamics (DOPs) environment, there will be user interface and workflow enhancements that promise to make Houdini much more artist-friendly. Also, the new release will include low-level integration of Python for added power and flexibility.

Houdini‘s new fluid solver will let you simulate liquids, gas and even sand. It will be possible to integrate your fluid simulations with other solvers such as the Rigid Body solver. There will also be a fluid solver available for Houdini’s particle operators (POPs) to help add fluid-type motion to particle simulations. Check out the following Quicktime movie to see some of our early fluid tests.

A big focus of our efforts for Houdini 9 is user interface and workflow. While the power and flexibility of Houdini’s procedural networks work well “under the hood”, our goal is bring more of that power to the surface where it will be accessible to a wider range of users.

The new user interface will sport a cleaner look and feel with artist-friendly interface elements that more clearly represent their function. Meanwhile, the workflow enhancements will lead to a significant reduction in the number-of-clicks for typical production tasks. It will be easy to do easy things in Houdini 9 and it will continue to be easy to handle shots that are impossible in other software packages.

Houdini’s existing scripting and expression languages will take a back seat to a new initiative called HOM - Houdini Object Model. HOM will let you use the Python programming language for both scripting and writing expressions. This will make it easier for anyone who has a foundation in Python to work with Houdini. For existing studios, old scripts and expressions will continue to work properly while technical directors make the transition to Python and HOM.

This sneak peek only provides a teaser for what is to come in 2007. Keep an eye out for more information about this exciting release that will make Houdini more accessible to artists and animators.
While Houdini 9 is in development, be sure to contact us about how Houdini 8.1 can meet your needs today. Top studios are already using Houdini to achieve creative freedom in their work and there are a number of ways in which Houdini 8.1 can help you even before the new features of Houdini 9 hit the street.
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