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DX Studio™ Version 1.28 Released
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Pinewood Studios, ENGLAND (July 3,2006 ) -We are pleased to announce that a major new version of DX Studio™ is now available for download.

New features in this version include :

  • Enhanced system.file.access - for security this must be authorized by the user, but if authorized you can create/copy/delete files from script.
  • Better integrated FX material support (passes all the different transforms and environment in)
  • You can now edit an object's subgroup pos/rot/scale individually for different objects, eg a turret on a tank.
  • Multi player instance support in the same process for Standard/Pro users.
  • Allow different animations on different instances of the same mesh (i.e. several characters all using the same mesh but doing different things).
  • Runtime changing of object grouping via object.moveToGroup(groupid).
  • Codepad speed improvements and opt-outs for syntax highlighting (more speedups to come).
  • New, smaller player install - we've moved over to a custom install system on the player, which has reduced it's size from 4.2Mb to 2.8Mb!  It will also now make sure you've got all the necessary DirectX parts and will download any missing bits (if connected).  This should also solve other issues such as the ocean plug-in reporting unable to load.
  • Crash when blended animations continue to run on deleted frame hierarchies fixed.
  • Issue with non-display of 2D text in 2D scenes on Intel 82915G chipsets fixed.
  • Installation improvements - checking for the DLLs now works more reliably
  • Improved Build EXE - now builds a full player install, so includes DX9 checks - works out smaller than before too!
  • Player Plug-ins (effects) now have their own install/uninstall/upgrade/serial dialog if you double click the dxeffect file.
  • Grouping lights now works properly.
  • You can now use transparency on skinned meshes.
  • Ocean reflection issues should be fixed if you re-save docs to use the newer plugin.
  • Updated to June 2006 SDK - your player will upgrade automatically if online.  Offline machines make sure to download the June 2006 DirectX from here.

  • A new object.attach function that allows attaching to subgroups of other objects, and object properties of offsetPos, offsetRot, offsetScale to help align the attach.
  • Ability to configure meters per unit, rolloff and doppler factors of a 3D sound listener on a camera.
  • A new runtime property on a mesh of lodOrigin allows the LOD switcher to treat the given Vector as the origin for the purposes of calculating distance.
  • Ability to set default script for a mesh (right click in the Meshes window to set it)
  • animationNext property on an object - when playing an animation, this queues up the animation to be played after the current one completes.
  • Bugfixes for object late init, 2d video sizing, and some performance issues.
  • Also, the new dxmesh import/export plugin for 3DS Max 8 has been updated- see the extended downloads section here.

    Download the new version 1.28 from here!

    Many thanks for using DX Studio - please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in future versions.

    DX Studio Team


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