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Digital-Tutors Releases Walk Cycle Animation Training for Maya
New training release provides intuitive guide to learning walk cycle animation in Maya
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Oklahoma City, OK - June 22, 2006 - Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher, today announced the availability of "Introduction to Maya Animation: Walk Cycle" - a comprehensive guide to creating convincing walk cycle animations in Maya and the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists. Artists will easily learn proper body mechanics, adding personality to characters, and creating walk cycles with less time and more creativity in Maya with over 2.5 hours of project-based training - an ideal learning resource for artists learning character animation.

"For artists learning character animation, creating walk cycles is often considered by many as a pre-requisite or foundation to build upon, said Delano Athias, lead animator. "In addition to teaching artists the powerful tools available within Maya, 'Introduction to Maya Animation: Walk Cycle' also teaches artists the fundamentals of adding life, understanding body mechanics, and the importance of timing, weight distribution and follow-through," added Athias.

Popular highlights from "Introduction to Maya Animation: Walk Cycle" include: an intuitive walk cycle diagram, layering body mechanics, adding follow through and weight, MEL scripting for animators, transforming male walk cycles into female walk cycles, translating walk cycle forward, keying in channel box, working in graph editor, insert key tool, breaking tangents to create the illusion of weight, editing tangents for seamless cycling, cycling with pre and post-infinity, and several additional lessons developed to teach you walk cycle animation in Maya.

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