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ThinkingParticles 2.5 available now
cebas releases ThinkingParticles 2.5, the latest free upgrade for cebas’ ThinkingParticles. cebas continues legacy of offering feature packed upgrades to user’s
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(Boston – June 27, 2006) -cebas Computer, maker of ThinkingParticles®, today announced the release of ThinkingParticles 2.5 for 3ds max.

The new 2.5 release shows why ThinkingParticles is the world’s most powerful rule based particle system for 3ds max. cebas continues to listen to users and make improvements available – at no charge to users – to an already robust product. ThinkingParticles 2.5 gives users unprecedented value for 3ds max and VIZ.

For a full outline of what is in ThinkingParticles 2.5 with images and animations please go here:
WHATS NEW IN ThinkingParticles 2.5

To see the New Ageia feature page with animations and video demos please go here:

How to get it

ThinkingParticles 2.5 is a free update to all registered users. ThinkingParticles 2.5 uses a new licensing system called IPCLAMP. In order to get your download and new serial number you will need to:

  • Be registered at the cebas shop. (see below if you are not)
  • Email with your current ThinkingParticles serial number and cebas shop Username.
  • Receive your new serial and download from cebas.
  • Uninstall all previous copies of ThinkingParticles 2.0.
  • With your new serial. Install ThinkingParticles 2.5, and license/authorize (with IPCLAMP) .

  • If you already have an account at the cebas shop, you can simply email with your shop Username and ThinkingParticles 2.0 serial. Within 24 hours your download will appear in the My Downloads area of the shop. If you didn’t purchase ThinkingParticles directly from the cebas shop, you will need to create an account and then press the Register Me button in the My Downloads section. After you have done this you can email with your shop Username and ThinkingParticles serial number.

    Please take a look at these helpful videos on how to register at the cebas shop and how to license with IPCLAMP, once you get your download and new serial.

    Registering for updates/downloads:

    Setting up your license with IPCLAMP:

    What's New in ThinkingParticles 2.5

    Initially, cebas planned to release a Service Pack 1 for ThinkingParticles 2.0. However, because Service Pack 1 became such a huge improvement, it actually qualifies to be an actual Major release of ThinkingParticles! This is why we named this release ThinkingParticles 2.5.

    In our ongoing desire to serve the needs and expectations of our customers, cebas Computer will periodically release Service Packs for ThinkingParticles to enhance its features and the stability of production usage.
    Even though we did add a vast amount of new features and bug-fixes, we now release this 2.5 version as a free upgrade to all registered and legal customers of ThinkingParticles 2.0. Below is a detailed list of new features and changes.

    System Wide Particle Recorder/Baker

    "system wide" Particle Baking/Recording feature has been added to the ThinkingParticles 2.5 toolset. It allows you to cache complete ThinkingParticles particle simulations into one single file. This file will lock down the particle animation to help increase the playback and render speed. This file can also be distributed for network rendering.

    Physical Properties
    Many new options have been added to support the rigid body dynamics features provided in the AGEIA™ PhysX™ engine. ThinkingParticles 2.5 supports the latest PhysX™ SDK for Rigid Body dynamics and future hardware acceleration on systems enabled by the AGEIA PhysX Processor.

    "The incorporation of AGEIA PhysX into the ThinkingParticles 2.5 product release is a terrific and natural extension of our leading edge physics software and hardware technology," Said Manju Hegde, CEO at AGEIA. "Now the power of PhysX will be helping enable true Newtonian physics in one of the film industry's leading special effect tools."

    New Operators :

    Many new ThinkingParticles operators have been added to the powerful toolset, allowing the features to have "unlimited" effects and possibilities. The new operators are as follows:

    We added our famous A-Bomb particle system to the ThinkingParticles 2.5 release. Don't be misled by the name of this operator. A-Bomb can be used for making eddies or vortex-like particle dynamics, as well as mushroom clouds. This makes it a great tool for simulating fluid motions.

    AGEIA PhysX™
    AGEIA PhysX technology provides an integrated hardware and software solution for rigid body dynamics, offering the latest in realtime dynamics collision detection and simulation amongst other advanced physics features. This operator allows you to use one of the most amazing innovations yet! Add-in boards and PC systems powered by the PhysX Processor revolutionize the 3-D market by bringing hardware acceleration to rigid body dynamics. In its software incarnation, the PhysX SDK and runtime engine can already create many "real-time" situations. With future hardware support, users should see a huge improvement in performance.
    cebas Computer has implemented this new rigid body system as a true rule based ThinkingParticles operator to work smoothly from inside ThinkingParticles with all the advantages ThinkingParticles has to offer.

    AGEIA™ and PhysX™ are trademarks of AGEIA Technologies, Inc. and are used under license.

    TP Joint
    The ThinkingParticles Joint Helper object is especially coded to work with ThinkingParticles only! It will allow you to do amazing Rigid Body effects based on complex joints.

    A new path follow operator has been added to the 2.5 Release. Path follow lets you choose one or multiple paths for particles to follow.
    One great feature of this new operator is that you can not only select a spline object as a path, but also an edge or edge loop to act as a path on a surface!

    The SurfaceFollow operator constrains particle positions and movement to a selected surface. This operator also offers many extra features to create well defined particle generation based on distances traveled.

    Shape Material
    The new shape material operator is used to assign any material to a particle at any time. This is a very powerful addition to ThinkingParticles 2.5! You can decide what material has to be applied to which particle at a specific time or condition.

    Geom Instancer
    The geometry instancing has been greatly enhanced! A complete animation tree has been added to the operator. This animation tree allows you to create complex crowd animations on a rule based system! A character for example, can have multiple animations within one single point cache file. The animation stored in the point cache needs to be "complete" including all possible transitions. The all new geometry instancing will ensure that transitions between the animations are smooth at the correct time. This new system is perfect for crowd simulations in a stadium or arena. For the first time, ThinkingParticles' Advanced Animation Tree (AAT) technology allows you to control complex masses of characters with the ease of a few simple mouse clicks!

    TP Multi/Sub Mtl
    A new material type was added to the ThinkingParticles toolset to support the new crowd generation system within ThinkingParticles 2.5. Along with the new Geometry-Instancer, ThinkingParticles will choose a material at random out of the TP Multi/Sub-Object list of materials. The same instanced character may have multiple materials such as colors or even textures for shirts, pants, hair and even eye color!

    TP Variation Texmap
    In addition to the new material type described above, a new texture map has also been added to the 2.5 release! This texture map is perfect for crowd systems because it allows you to create unlimited variations of a texture for every object in a scene. At render time, the color values of the base texture can be slightly changed and modified by this texture map. The result is that no single object is colored like the other! It's a little revolution in rendering mass scenes or complex crowd simulations. It’s like having fifty-thousand materials in one scene!

    Meta Shape
    The MetaShape operator has been enhanced greatly with respect to speed and stability. You can now metablob standard shapes together into one continuous surface.

    Multiple objects can now be picked from within the MatterWaves operator to define them as emitters in one go. In addition, the Emitter random value can now be smoothly adjusted from 0 to 100% for U and V independently.

    Particle Draw
    ParticleDraw now has a frame offset function that allows you to shift the start frame.

    About cebas Computer GmbH

    cebas Computer GmbH is a German developer of advanced 3D software for 3ds max and other 3D applications, based near Heidelberg. With 14 years of experience in software development for the 3D market, cebas has become renowned for its quality and unique software products serving graphics and animation studios around the world. More info is available at

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