CGIndia Feature :: An Interview With 'Till Nowak' by Amit Dixit !!

Qus5: What all software do you use, in making of Short film "Delivery"? Any particular tip n tricks, you want to share with other CG-artists?

Till:I basically used 3ds max, Photoshop and After Effects. My tip for other CG-artists is to find tricky and smart solutions instead of doing everything the classical way. An example is that I love to use simple planes with fine texture maps to fake detail where more patient 3D artists spend months modeling every little grain of sand. The disadvantage of this fake techniques is that the 3D models are less universal, which means that you can only use them for the way they were planned for, but I am just not patient enough to work the classical way.To get the feeling of using CGI fast and intuitive like oil on canvas I try to work with simple geometry, simple solutions and only in 3D where necessary. You can shift a lot of things into the 2D phase of compositing that would cost much more time to solve in 3D. In my works the 2D post is where the quality of lighting, materials and mood are being created. By using extensive compositing e.g. in After Effects or Photoshop you can rise the quality of your work enourmosly in a short amount of time.

Qus6: What advice would you like to give, to anyone who wants to make an Animation short film?

Till:It is important not to lose the view for the whole concept instead of spending too much time on the details. And take good care of the sound and music, it is extremely important.

Qus7: Currently on what all projects your studio is working on? Are you making any animation shorts?

Till:I am planning my next shortfilm to be released in 2007. I just finished compositing and 3D works for the intro animation of the computer game “spellforce 2” working for the company “metricminds” from frankfurt. Besides that I am usually doing 4 or 5 small 3d-, print-, web- or design-projects at the same time.

Qus8: Do you have any thing to say, to fellow cg-artist world-wide? – Complains, advice, appreciation or simply your own bottom line quote?

Till:Think simple.

Qus9: Name few Website's visited by you for Cg Updates?

Till:I spend not much time surfing in the internet, but if I do so my CG website often is cgtalk.com.

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