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An Interview With "Till Nowak" by Amit Dixit !!
CGIndia interviewed CG Artist "Till Nowak" based in Mainz, Germany. Till's animation short film "DELIVERY" is one of most talk about animation short for its distinctive style and a fine storyline, in recent times. We appreciate Till for taking time-out for the Interview.

Qus1: Tell something about yourself, how did you become a CG artist?

Till:11 years ago I started to play around with everything you could do to be digitally creative: Editing pictures, programming, producing music and other forms... To create and inscene everything imaginable with basically only using your brain, your PC and some fingers to use the mouse opens the gate to so many possible ideas that my motivation never stops. Since then I worked as a freelancer in a wide field of digital media like flash, print media, design, sound, web etc.

Qus2: when and what was your first Major project, tell something about it?

Till:After doing some small jobs for a friend and I developed a title sequence of a german documentary TV series in 1999 for the ZDF which is europeans biggest TV station. We were absolutely happy to get this job because it brought us the money to buy all the soft- and hardware we needed. 7 years ago we were so new in the business that we had to face some real challenges during this production which was just a simple and abstract 3D animation from todays point of view.

Qus3: Define your working style as a CG-artist?

Till:I am trying to compose suspensful and sometimes romantic scenes with a very precise visual style in the final result, but a very improvised and intuitive workflow before. From a technical point of view I think I have a workflow which comes from my impatience. I am not very patient because I always want to work on a high level of motivation. Therefore I try to work as straight as possible towards a final result which means that I use a lot workaround solutions. I don`t spend time to search for tutorials or learn new specialized plugins instead of searching a fast and simple solution with the tools I already have. And I am a fan of “layering” which means that I do a lot of compositing with the raw 3D rendering until it becomes a final image.


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Qus4: Tell us about your short film "Delivery".??

Till:“Delivery” is my final graduating work for the university of applied sciences in Mainz (Germany) where I studied media design while I was working as a freelancer. My supervising professor was Tamas Waliczky who is a wellknown hungarian media artist. I had six months from the story to the final film. So I spent many days and nights with my PCs for several months and found some unusual ways to produce it very fast. I can not draw with a pencil so I designed everything directly in 3D. I tried to solve everything with texture and opacity maps instead of real geometry and I lightened it without GI using workarounds like texturepainted shadows etc. First “Delivery” was only ment as a production for me, my professor and the people around me, but after I showed the first scenes to some people and got some great feedback I decided to produce it for 35mm film. Since march 2005 I am spending a lot of time to answer requests, travel to festivals and care about distribution which makes it hard to find time to start my next free project.

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