Digital Artist Marco Rolandi
Interview with CGIndia (Amit Dixit)

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CGIndia Interviewed Great Upcoming digital Artist and ArchViz specialist Marco Rolandi, who talks about his work, fantasies, inspiration, carrier and digital art in general. We thank him for taking time out from his busy schedule to chat with us. Click on Images to Enlarge them. Thanks!

CGIndia: Please, Tell us about yourself and how you get into CG ?

Marco: First, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk a bit about myself and my work. Drawing has always been my favorite way of communicating with other people, and when I received my first computer at the age of 9 (1983) I suddenly realized the joy of communicating with others in form of monochrome 8x8 pixels characters. Of course I immediately became a sociopath and soon realized computers were my only friends and secluded myself from the outer world. I woke up several years later and I begun working as a freelancer in architectural visualization.

CGIndia: As we have seen on your websites, your range of work stretches from Concept art to 3d visualization, from Science fiction to print and web publishing. What do you enjoy the most OR which medium of expression is close to your heart?

Marco: I'm basically an overgrown child who still loves playing with construction blocks, cars and airplanes. I basically enjoy any mean that lets me play with my toys, and even getting paid for it. If I'll have to find a soft spot in my hearth tough, that would go to 3d modeling and concept art, especially when old looking machines are involved. My least favorite stuff? That would be anything involving ultrashiny scifi (you know, that stuff that seems to come directly from a 1960s movie) and web publishing. I guess a shiny-science-fiction-website-project would just be hell on earth for me. Yetch!! Then again, drawing for me is just a way of relaxing, therefore sometimes I just love to sit under a tree with pencil and paper, and let the hands go.

CGIndia: Looking at your awesome digital art images, I feel you have an outstanding eye for detailing and excellent “texturing” skills. Do, you like to give a tip or two to our reader and budding CG artists?

Marco: First, thanks for your kind words. Second, there are a lot of tricks that someone need to use depending on the job. When building a scene, I usually follow two rules: the first is to observe the real world, trying to understand how things work and then apply the same principles to my own work. It can be something as simple as the dirt depositing over a surface or as complex as the relationship between buildings in a cityscape. The rule is simple and obvious and applies to almost every aspect of the scene modeling process, and if followed truly, you'll usually end up with some very coherent and realistic scene which might look good at first sight, but lacks punch. The Second one is practically the opposite of the first: namely go wild. Take your neatly composed and realistic scene and tweak every aspect, adding bizarre details, uncoherent stuff, dramatic and unrealistic lighting and all that comes to your mind. Technically speaking the same two rules are translated both into modeling and texturing. I first model simple volumes, trying to get the proportion and the relationships between them right. I then add detail not only by modelingit, but also by scavaging old scenes for unused parts or models. Texture-wise, I use both procedural and photorealistic textures, mixed together into multilayered materials using hand drawn (wild) masks.

CGIndia: What all 2d/3d software’s you generally use in your projects?

Marco: I use Photoshop for all the texturing and 3d Studio Max for all the modeling and rendering.

CGIndia: what has been your favorite project till date?

Marco: That's a tricky question. I've done a lot of different stuff, from concept art to 3d modeling to rendering, but I have to admit the most enjoyable things involved movies and videogames. I love when I can use my fantasy a bit, and maybe cope with strange ideas. Still, I'm in one of those period of life when somebody looks towards the future, without thinking to much of what he's done. Namely my favorite projects are those I'm still working on and hopefully will do in the future.

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