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Interview with CGIndia (Amit Dixit)

CGIndia: Tell us, what all personal/commercial projects you are currently working on?
Marco: I'm currently working on some concept art for an Indian movie, and I'm gearing up for a future movie project in the USA coming in September, trying to learn new techniques, and improving my skills.

CGIndia: Any Dream Project, you would like to do in future?
Marco: Lots of course, movies mainly. I have lots of ideas, for a lot of different things. We'll see...


CGIndia: You work as an Freelancer, what all problem you face (if Any)? Any tips for fellow freelancers?

Marco: Working as a freelancer is always difficult, especially in a field where projects begin and die in a matter of weeks, and you're constantly moving from one thing to another. The most difficult thing to do is planning: work, expenses, study, everything has to fit in your scheduling and it usually happens that one or more projects overlap. Another serious challenge is keeping up with the work of others: you not only have to constantly study new applications, cg techniques and the most variable subjects (from photography to history, architecture, or even anthropology) but you also have to keep up with the outstanding quality of the other fellow freelancers and the cg field overall. It can be a time consuming (when you work in a studio, you don't have to do all this research work by yourself) and sometimes frustrating thing to do (especially when you see some outstanding piece of art), but it's probably one of the most important thing a freelancer has to do. When you're working in a huge studio or industry you can become highly specialized, focusing on just getting your job done. But when you're a “lone wolf”, keeping in touch with current trends, learning all you can from the world and other professionals is the key to avoid obsolescence. I've seen too many “lonely artists” loosing the grip with reality, fossilizing in old schemes and techniques, and I definitely don't want to follow their path.


CGIndia: IF you have not became a CG Artist, than in what profession you would like to be into?

Marco: I would have loved to be an astronaut of course!!! Actually, I've studied as an architect, and I would have probably loved to be an architect as well. What really retained me from the job was bureaucracy: spend two months on paperwork and have just a few hours dedicated to the designing process. Well, that's at least how it works in Italy. I also loved astronomy and science in general, but Calculus was my Achille's heel.

CGIndia: Anything else you want to add… a self question or a Shout on top of your lungs :) ????

Marco: Ouch, errr.......I Luv CGI

Thanks for taking time out and chatting with us. We certainly like to have more of you on our website…may be a Tutorial or Making-of , of your recent/forthcoming work. Thanks again and Good luck for your future!! <- Regards, Amit Dixit.

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