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Interview with CGIndia (Amit Dixit)

CGIndia: What has been your favorite project till date?
Patrick: Personally, it’s Freaky bird. I've created this character since a long time now, but I always prefer this one to all other character I’ve done. I don’t know why, but I really love this character , that’s was my first real character , that’s was the start of my style, so now I try to evolve with this style .. I'm proud of all my characters and I always try to give my best in what I’ve created, but freaky will always be my best one.

CGIndia: Tell us, what all personal/commercial projects you are currently working on?
Patrick: At home, Im currently working on a team project call CHEVisodes. CHEVisodes is an Episode based CG Short featuring FERN the Farmer. The TEAM behind CHEVisodes is made of talented artist i m proud to work with ! We release 2 animation test on the website (www.chevisodes.com ) . The short will be release soon.
The second project is D-puppet ( www.Dpuppet.com ), it’s a free rig I’ve start working on with 2 friends, Eric D Légaré and Louis-Philippe Lebel. I work on modeling, Louis on the concept and Eric D work on the rig... a complete rig , done for animators, with all controls an animator want to have… so that’s will be the better rig for make acting shot… We suppose to finish this project soon! Stay tuned on the website ;).


CGIndia: Any Dream Project, you would like to do in future?

Patrick: Work for PIXAR, DreamWorks or Blue sky...

CGIndia: How would you like to describe your own personal style?

Patrick: CARTOON!!!! I am a fan of cartoon's; it’s the style I prefer to work on. I always enjoy designing character that is funny, cute and simple. For each new character, I try to give a lot of emotion to my character to feel them alive. I’m at first an animator, so I create characters to get the possibility of bringing them alive. Creating my own characters inspired me a lot to do my animations.


CGIndia: What all points you can think of, an aspiring character artist should keep in mind before he/she starts with the character modeling?

Patrick: Be original, Keep everything simple, have a great lighting, have a character look alive, have great color and great composition.... It’s an example of my checklist for creating a new digital art, If I don’t respect the majority of theses rules, I just Fail …. Keeping them in mind is necessary to accomplish something good.

CGIndia: IF you have not became a CG Artist, than in what profession you would like to be into? ????

Patrick: Be a guitarist. I always liked to play guitar, listen music, play drum... But I made my choice, Animation is cooler :) !
Thanks Amit for everything, it was a pleasure for me to have this interview! Don’t hesitate to contact me for question or something else; it will be a pleasure to discuss Digital Art with you.

- PAT. Beaulieu

Thanks for taking time out and chatting with us. We certainly like to have more of you on our website…may be a Tutorial or Making-of , of your recent/forthcoming work. Thanks again and Good luck for your future!!
- Regards, Amit Dixit.

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