3D Modeling Tutorial - Making Digital Radio using 3ds Max
By Jamshaid Raza
CGIndia FEATURE : 3ds max tutorial


Hi every one, My name is Jamshaid and this is my first tutorial which I’m writing for cg-india.com. In This 3ds Max Tutorial, I will try to explain about the 3d modeling process in a easy to learn step-by-step method using images and write-up. Anyone with basic knowledge of 3ds Max can easily learn from it. Hope you will find it useful.

1) Ok let’s to start the tutorial and I hope you will enjoy it. For the first setup I just take a box and I give the configuration as shown in the figure.

2) Ok now change the box into Editable Mashes. Right click on the box and press Editable Mashes

It looks like that

3) On the third step; In edit mesh mode select edge and use cut. see the figure.

4)Select the polygons which shown in the figure.

5) Select the vertex and move it towards Y-axis direction. Check the image

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