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V-Ray Tutorial - Studio Lighting (3ds Max) -- PAGE 6
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POSTWORK (in Photoshop)

Launch photoshop, and load in the image.
Because of the saturated colors of the exponential colormapping type.
We need to add more character to the colors and play with the levels
to achieve better contrast.

Go to Image>Adjustments>Color balance

Than Image>Adjustments>Levels

And here comes the finished picture.

Congratulations ! you finished the tutorial...
I hope you liked it. ;)

Author: Géza Kádas
About Author: Originally I started my study with webdesing. After a few years I become acquainted with 3dimensional programs. I completed a 3ds max master course, after that I spent a lot of time to get familiarity with the program. Architectual visualisations are my favourite topics in the 3d industry, both exterior and interior scenes. Currently I study as an interior decorator.I am working as an instructor at IMMI (International Multimedia Institute).
Email: kadasgeza@citromail.hu
Homepage: www.techtron.extra.hu

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