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V-Ray Tutorial - Studio Lighting (3ds Max) --- PAGE 4
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In this scene i used four or five shaders.
Plasctic,Chrome,Leather,White fabric, and the white background of course.
Turn off the "override mtl" function in the Global Switches tab.
Lets take a quick look at the settings.

: This controls the color of the material.
Reflect: Pure white means 100%reflections ,black means 0% reflections.
Refl. Glossiness: Controls the blurryness of reflection 1 means perfect
mirror-like reflections, lower values produce blurry reflections.
Subdivision: This controls the quality of glossy reflections, higher values
increase rendertime lower values produce noisy effect.
For testing /5-8/ final rendering /15-35 or higher if necesarry/.
Freshnel reflections: If you check it that means the strength of the reflection will
depend on the viewing angle of the surface.
In nature water and glass is reflecting in this manner.
The strength of the reflection depends on the Freshnel IOR too.

All right lets see the shaders in action...:)

I am pretty happy with the reflections on the leather material.
I only need a little more light from above the chair, so lets put that third
vraylight to its place.

It is important to uncheck the "Affect Specular" slot, we don't want any
specular reflection from that light ,only diffuse light.

As we can see the bounced light reaches to the bottom of the chair too.
Now the lighting and the shaders are finished so lets move on to the next topic.
I will discuss the settings of the final rendering.

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