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V-Ray Tutorial - Studio Lighting (3ds Max) --- PAGE 2
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PLACING THE LIGHTS - This topic is the heart of the studio lighting.
We will use 3 vraylights with different strength, postion and color.
This three attribute will determine the mood and the individuality of your render.
So place a vraylight from left view, with the given settings.

Now change to top view ,copy the light and mirror it to the X axle.
Place it to the right side of the plane and use the given settings.
The third light will be placed later, after the test renderings.

Create a Target Camera from top view with 35mm lens, and set it up as you see.

All right,choose vray as your primary renderer.
Make a vray material with a light grey diffuse color, R:170/G:170/B:170.
Put this material to the "override mtl" slot in the Global Switches tab.

Now all the objects in the scene will have this material, so this function is
great to test lighting with a clay render.
Later we will turn this function off.
Hit F9 and lets see what we got here.

So this is what we have without any settings.
No illumination,or any kind of sampling except the standard one.
Now we need to set up vray for test renderings.
It is time to move to the next topic.

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