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V-Ray Tutorial - Studio Lighting (3ds Max)
Free 3ds Max + V-Ray Tutorials by CG Artist, Géza Kádas
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In this tutorial i will tell you the method of studio lighting.
For the rendering i used Vray 1.5rc3, the latest version of the program.
This famous chair called "Corbusier" was modeled in 3ds max 9.
With the knowledge of this tutorial you will be able to present your models
in a more ambitious way than before.. and especially helpful for guys into 3d architectural modeling...... ;)

The main parts of the tutorial are :

-Making the environment
-Placing the lights
-Setting up Vray for tests
-Setting up Vray for final rendering
-Postwork in Photoshop


The environment is pretty much simple.
Place a plane under the model and set 3 for the Length segsments and set 2 for the Width segments.
Convert it to editable poly with right click on the plane and choosing "convert to:".
The next step is selecting the two edges behind the chair and pull them up while
pressing the shift button...
With this way create a shape around the model like in the third picture.

We will use a Turbosmooth modofier on the plane, but to controll the way of smoothing
we have to chamfer a few edges before.

Now we are able to use the turbosmooth with 2 Iterations.

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