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Now star same «solid drill» tool with «stencil» option to stencil that shape into top of phone. But remember that phone object need's to be in Foreground and intersecting object (that boxy shaped object) in background layer. As you can see in left image you now have stenciled gap into top part of phone. But it's not totaly good and we need to «weld» some points. Select few points as showed on left image and hit «weld» key to merge them into
one point. Do that same proces for other side of phone untill you get nice clean poly area as on right image.

Now slect those top polygons and «smooth shift» them invard like we did before with side polys ­ left image. Then clean those polygons by welding points together. You need clean poly quads there as on right image.

Next step is more drilling holes on front of phone. As you can see from resource images on first pages phone have hole in top center part. That's hole for speaker. Now we are gonig to drill that part. Make that shape in next layer on same way how you made buttons earlyer. Then add new surface to that part (just for easyer selectiong though poly statistic wondow) and move to right position just above top of phone and extrude it like left image shows.

After «solid drill» with stencil seetings (same process like before) select that area and «smooth shift» thos epolygons inside few times as right image shows. It's not important to have exact numbers so just try mimic something like right image shows .

Copy part of inseted polygons as left image shows and Merge polygons into one + delet ineneded points trought point statistic window. That's part wich will be extruded 'coz phone hole for speaker isn't just a hole it have it own special hole design . Then resize (to exceed hole boundaries) extrude and bevel top polygon - right image.

Then click «mirror» tool (shift+v key) under «multiply» tab wich to that object part on other side automaticaly.

Now cut/paste those parts into first object layer. Then make new part in next layer as left image shows. This is also part of that speaker hole and this par needs to be intersected with previous two and it's little rounded on top and it sticks out from phone mask level. So just extrude and bevel that polygon few times and then move to right position as showed on right image. That part of speaker isn't in the middle of hole so just move it slightly to bottom part. On blueprint looks like it's on middle but on real phone it's sligt moved to bottom so i rather make it that way. Then just cut/paste that part in first layer also.

Now make circle in new layer with 60-70 sides to make it realy rounded. Move it to right sode of pohone (looking in perspective window) and extrude in position like lef timage shows. This will be hole for right side button. After «solid drill» with «stencil» just bevel polygons to make hole wiht soft rounded edges ­ right image shows how it should look after that process.

Now just use that drilling polygons to make button wiht extruding and beveling. Also resize button with to be smaller than hole. As you can see from right image phone button look cool .

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