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As you can see on this left image i smooth shifted and in and out few times to get that screen look decent and on same level as phone. On right image you can see how phone looks now ­ already recognizable .

This is hard step now. We need to make inset/gap in phone to separate parts (front, back and side) of phone. Make two polgons liek left image shows. These are just guide for shape we will make from them and stencil in phone side later. Next select two top point on one polygon and hit «etender» tool on «multiply» tab. When you hit button it looks liek nothing happend but it's happend very important thing actualy. We got copy of those two points but attached to polygn below so you need to click «move» tool and move those two new points with mose like right image shows. We need to make few same steps untill one side connect other.

You need something like this shape on left image 'coz gap is rounded on top like that . If some of your polygons are fliped (not facing in same direction) wich is often after «extender» tool is used just select them and hit «flip» tool wich will flip them to other side. Or you can hit «align» button under «detail» tab wich will align fliped polys automaticaly to side what majority polys are facing. Aslo give them new surface name for easyer selecting polys later. Next step is to hit «TAB» key to turn our polyfons to subDs (subPatches/metaNURBS) object. Then hit «freeze» (ctrl+d is shortcut) adn you'll get something like this on right image. We needed smoother shape so that's reason why i turned this object into SubDs and freeze it later. This is very detailed model and it need to have all details wich will be nice later when model is rendered.

Now select all 6 rows of polygons in one section like left image shows and click «bandglue» tool under «construct» tab wich will merge 6 rows of polygons into one automaticaly ­ right image.

Now click «extrude» tool and extrude that polygons to intersect phone object totlay to other side. I used -5m value on X axis as you can see on left image. Then select several rows of polygons on extruded object and hit «bandglue» tool again to merge unneded rows into one large polygon. Do that on uper and bottom side.

Next is again «stencil» as showed on left image. Right image is what you should have after succesful stencil.

Now select those stenciled polygons (should be easy if you named surface differently before solid drill / stencil procedure) and «smooth shift» them 4cm inside wich will give neded depth for gap ­ left image. Now we will make top inset on phone. Make new box object in new layer wich will intersect top part of phone around middle like right image shows and give surface to that new poly ­ preferable same surface named for side inset ­ i named it «side gaps» and colored to brown.

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