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This is what we need but we have now so many points in middle wich are totoaly unnecesary so we need to delete them. Open «statistic» window and go to points mode. Then click on small «+» sign infront of text «0 Polygons» wich will select all points what aren't part of polygons (left image). Then hit delete key to delete all those unneded points. As you can see on right image you now have good button shape .

Next step is to copy/paste buttons. Just use copy/paste options and make left and right button in place. Try to move them by numeric input so that oyu move left and right one equaly (use negative value to move left button). Now you should have three buttons in place as left image shows. Now just use «clone» item to clone three buttons automaticaly. I used 3 clones 'coz we need three rows of same buttons. Alo use Y axys offset wich will move every cloned row to Y axis and place buttons in right place. If you used all numbers in start as i do, you should set clone offset to ­59cm wich will set cloned buttons in right position.

Left image shows object after cloning buttons. Next step is adding different surface name to buttons. Just hit «q» key and name new surface as «buttons». It sounds odd but it will make sense later when we need to select buttons only in whole object. Then i'll use selecting by surface tool wich will make this process much easyer than selecting buttons manualy poly by poly. Also it's good to give buttons surface different color than rest of object. Just for better visibility i used similar grey color but darker one.

So far so good, now you have nice set of buttons there and they have different surface name . Copy buttons layer one more time in new layer for later. We will them later one more time. Now go to buttons layer and click «extrude» tool (shift+e). Type ­40cm to Z axys like image shows. This will give some depth to buttons.

Select first layer (phone) and make buttons layer to be backfround layer like left image shows. Then click «solid drill» tool and select «stencil» option with surface «buttons» what we named earlyer ­ right image.

Hit OK and you'll get stenciled buttons into layer one where our phone object is. And as you can see (left image) we have buttons in different surface/color wich is important for next steps. Don't forget to save your object often (i'am already on SE_005.lwo). Now check your selection mode under «modes» button on bottom of modeler screen. Be sure to set your modelet to «Action center: Selection» wich will be inportant later. See right image.

Now go to polygon statistic window («w» key) and choose under surface tab ­ «buttons» surface what you made earlyer. Then click on «+» button in front of it wich will select your buttons on model. That's very easy way to select polygons and only reason why i aded new surface to buttons in this early stage. After this select you all buttons just use laso tool (hold right mouse button and cruise with mouse around polygos) to deselect all buttons beside one (i choosed top left one on perspective window).

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