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Now you should have something like this image shows. I have general shape of phone and some thicknes (remember that 1.3m extrude).

Now you should have something like this image shows. I have general shape of phone and some thicknes (remember that 1.3m extrude).Next select side polygons again (just two in row are enough to show the way how bandsaw will go) and use bandsaw right at middle. Now you switch modeler to points mode to move points for making side inset on phone. Just select side poinst of object and not top and bottom ones 'coz ptohe have inset only on side of phone. You will do that by selecting side points and using «size» tool (shortcut shift+h). If you hold down Ctrl key it will size it proportionaly and then turn on numeric input to see what's hapening. You now should have something like this on image below. Notice that i'am now in non SubDs mode (turned off by TAB key).

Also bandsaw lower part of object below buttons 'coz phone have here small falloff in shape. You will get this after Bandsawing and turning on SubDs mode wiht TAB key.

Now bandsaw both sides of phone 'coz we need more definition on shape. I used just 0.5 bandsaw on both sides and object now looks better (left image). Then hit Ctrl+d to «frezze» SubDs into polygonal object and you will get object from right image wihc is little bit too dense but now we will fix that .

Select few polygons in same row from middle of object. Then hit «bandglue» tool wich will merge few rows into one row and reduce polygon density what we need now. Do that few times on both sides and on horizontal side equaly and you'll get object to look like on right image wich is pretty enough dense for next steps.

Now make go to new layer and put firs tone in background. Then make box object in place for GSM button. Divide that box object in middle and then both sides again in middle as seen on left image. You will also need to select end points and move them litlle bit or use scale tool to move both sides simultaneously and equaly to get that shape. After you hit TAB key you get nice button shape wich match design pretty well on right image.

Next step is again hit Ctrl+d to «freeze» that object. After freezing select all polygons (left image) and hit «merge polygons» button (shift+z) wihc will merge all that small quads into one big polygon (right image).

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