GSM Phone (Sony Ericsson T610) 3D modeling tutorial by Elvis Blazencic aka Lewis [ LightWave 3D Tutorial ]
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OK lets get start with basics. This tutorial is for beginners/intermediate users who know basic stuff in LightWave; but some advance users also might find few good tricks . You only need to know where to find certian buttons what i will use and normal things like selecting modes in modeler. If you don't know that i suggest to read manuals before star 'coz it will be easyer to follow tutorial.
Like title says i'll show how to model Sony Ericsson T610 (T616 for USA) GSM phone in LightWave 3d modeler. First good thing when you start to model anything is to know your subject better. So best thing is to go online and found as much as possible images from different angles. Good thing is that i aactualy have this phone at my home so i can look it from any angle and see it better but i included this big REFERENCE image
(look below) so that you can see phone very nice.

First i would suggest making directory tree. I use something like this : SE-GSM-phone directory where i make several new directories as : objects, resources, scenes, textures, renders. That will help you to keep it organized and you will easyer find all files later if you need them. Also IMPORTANT thing is to save model constantly to avoid any crash problems, powercuts or similar failures wich can destroy all your hard work in seconds. My suggestion is to save model every few steps when you make something important. I use naming scheme like «object_001.lwo» and so on. Normaly last number will represent my curent state if i decide to continue modeling later. I think that we are ready for start now .

Here is Blueprint image what i will use trought whole tutorial. Save this image in native resolution (352*742 pixels) and use it as backdrop in modeler.

Go to Display options (d ­ key) and set blueprint image to BL backdrop window and resize it to 10m (i use
metric system so take that in mind). Also i would suggest (not vital but ) to set your viewport options to independent visibility and center so that you can zoom and move trough viewports without zoomig on all of them at same time. To me it's easyer to work that way but you can leave it to default if you like it better.

After you succesfuly setuped background blueprint go to «image editor» TAB and select loaded image. Then go
to «Editing» tab and turn down «brightness» to 0,43 wihc will help us to blend image with LWs native grey background screen. Look at this screengrab to see settings and LW screengrab how it should look now.

Finaly now we have proper setup to start this 3d model.Let's get work.Create BOX as on this image.

Then hit «TAB» key to tunr model in SubDs mode (metaNURBS/Subpatches). After that select top section and
use «bandsaw» tool to bandsaw at middle as this image shows. Now we have top part of model pretty nicely shaped and matches blueprint. It's not crucial to match blueprint outlines 100% but try to be close as possible. This blueprint is litlle odd 'coz it shows that bottom part of phone (buttons) is little less wide than top part but if you look at resouce images you will see that top and bototm parts are pretty much equaly wide so don't bother to much with blueprint differnce.

Use same bandsaw technique at lower part of phone (below buttons) to match edge to blueprint shape before next step (i can't show every single small step in this tutorial so try to look at my images very carefuly wich will
explain you all this text instructions when you see it on screengrabs).

Next use «extrude» tool and extrude mode model in Z axys at 1.3m (don't worry about those measurments 'coz main thing is to get aspect ratio well so
later you always can resize whole model to real measures). If you get fliped poygons in perspective window just hit «F» to flip polys and it will be fine.

Then select two polygons on side of GSM (extruded part) to bandsaw them. Use bandsaw settings as showed here :

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