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Maya Video Tutorials
Free Maya Video Tutorials by CG artists, Andrew Hazelden & Russell Hazelden of Dover Studio
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CGIndia bring to you three very Useful and Free video tutorial by well known CG Artists Andrew Hazelden & Russell Hazelden of Dover Studios. These Maya lessons are part of Dover Studio's training DVD's available online for sale. Dover Studios has been providing customized training to CG artists in the computer graphics and design industries for over 6 years. They have satisfied customers in 14 countries around the world and are now sharing their knowledge through a series of DVDs focused on visual effects techniques that are relevant to artists working in the film, television, animation, and game industries. (# Right Click on Tutorial video's link and save target as .MOV)

Creating a photo-realistic leaf using stencil maps:
This sample lesson from the recently relesed Maya: Hypershade Workflow DVD explores the creation of a photo-realistic leaf using stencil mapping. Stencil mapping is a technique that utilizes a texture map and a transparency map to clip out the shape of an object on a low-resolution surface. Learn how to add real and simulated surface relief to models with bump and displacement maps. This effect renders quickly and is faster than physically modeling all of the surface details.

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Sculpting a flag with Maya Artisan:
3d animation training - Learn how to use Maya’s NURBS modeling tools for animation, visual effects, and games.This sample lesson from the Maya: NURBS Modeling 2nd Edition DVD explores the use of the Maya Artisan’s push, pull and erase tools. The surface of a flag is sculpted to simulate the effect of wind.

LAUNCH Video Tutorial - Click here

Creating a reflective metallic surface using an environment map:
This sample lesson from the Maya: Surface Materials DVD explores the use of environment maps to create highly reflective metallic surfaces. The photographic techniques used to create ball environment maps are explained.No steps are left out and every detail is explained with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

LAUNCH Video Tutorial - Click here

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