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For the lighting of the scene I used only 3 lights: 2 directional spots (1 and 2) and a VrayLight Dome (3). The Dome to simulate the ambient light coming from the sky, slightly tinted in blue. 2 directional spots to simulate the sunlight, slightly tinted in yellow. The first spot to light the whole of the scene and the second right for the branches in foreground. These branches do not project shadows on the scene. The shadows of foliage come from three plans (with a mask of opacity) placed in front of the spot..

Than, I applied a small blur to the mask so that the shadow of the foliage becomes little blured, for making it look more realistic.


I have Used VRay Rendering Engine for obvious reson to making the whole scene look as realistic as possible. Check the Images (below) for the Vray Renderer, GI and irradiance mapping Parameters.

I have also added a small depth of field. The focus is done from the target of the camera by activating - Get focal distance from camera.

And here is the Final Rendering Output in Vray without any compositing or Touch-ups!

Render time : 8 H 42 min.
Hardware : Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz, 1.50 Go RAM.

Author - Julien CHIARI
Author Email - julien.chiari@wanadoo.fr
Authors Website Link - http://chiari.3dvf.net/

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