The Making of - "A Morning In Province" Using 3DS Max + V-Ray by Julien CHIARI
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For this 3D Scene, I have took reference from a very nice Photograph, which i have found in a magazine. The whole 3d Scene is done in 3D Studio Max and using V-Ray Rendering engine for achiviving realisim in the scene. I have divided the whole process into four parts : 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering. And Try to explain the steps i have used in making of " A Morning in Province".

3D Modeling ;

The most part of 3D modeling in this scene is pretty much simple and old fashioned, besides certain area's and portion of the scene has to be emphasized and lots of attention should be given to amount of detailing for them. As every thing in the scene is quite close to the camera or in focus, so a level of detailing should be maintained, besides emphasizing certain portions.

To increase the realism of the ground, a little displacement is required. For this, I have added a VrayDisplacementMod modifier on the ground.

Than, I added small stones on the ground at the places where they are sensible to accumulate a little more (near the steps and the walls)..

In Front facade, I have added lots of details on wall; in editable polygon mode (you may also model the building using solids, and later convert the Mesh to Editable Poly) . I cut out with the tool Cut and move the vertex. Than change the smoothing group of the detailed area.

More Details has been added to steps and other area's using the same method.

Here is the wireframe Screen Shot :

Texturing / Mapping ;

I have Unfolded of the UVW mapping in 3D Studio Max and save the UVW in a Bitmap, for modifing and fine tuning purpose.

I open the saved bitmap of the UVW in Photoshop and mix several texture layers and photographs to obtain desired level diffuse for final "Diffuse Map" texture. I improved the sharpness of this texture and added another layer to make texture for “Bump Map”. To obtain a good quality of texture when rendering, I used a resolution of 2048x2048.

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