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For the back spring, which is mostly same as front one, except a metal chain which actually loops correctly when the back wheel rotates.
I made the chain using path deformation then controlled the percentage of path by the rotation of the wheel, simple but it works.
Steering also is rigged
To control the rotation of the wheels according to the steering I did use strange method to quickly make it without using wire parameters and figuring out the right axes and parameters
I placed two 3ds Max dummy object in front of each wheel as in the image and constrained each wheel to look at target to the dummy then linked the dummy to the steering, that way when the steering rotates the dummy will move with it causing the front wheels to rotate accordingly
I hope this image makes it clearer

The right way to do it would be to use wire parameters or 3d max reaction manager (set driven keys in maya) or and orientation constraint if possible

I made dummy objects on top of the geometry so I can see them instead of the high poly object when animating


It was rendered using brazil, nothing special in the rendering scene though Simple brazil scene with Indirect illumination and an HDRI skylight and couple of fill light and some objects with brazil utility material
Materials are standard materials with falloff reflections for some parts, Brazil accepts standard 3ds max materials also.
I used the boxes you see in the picture and used this brazil utility material with them in order to emit light and reflect on surfaces similar to studio lightning, I use this technique a lot when rendering industrial 3d models
The fill lights don’t make a huge difference but they give a warm since to the scene, I choose usually colors like orange green and even purple for these lights with low multiplier

I have tried Mental Ray, Vray and brazil to render products and brazil was the easiest to use and obtain results. But the result you get with vray and mental are outstanding as well.

that’s pretty much it. I Really hope you liked it !!!

And here is the second quad I have done for the same project using same techniques.

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