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it might cross your mind that adding too many details will take a lot time, but when you are copying basic objects and making details out of primitives it really doesn’t take that effort.
I did model the wheel details, because a quad wheel cannot certainly be represented by a bump map.


For the texturing, I didn’t spend much time as I have to meet the deadline's. So, the first thing I did was that; I have unwrapped the model quickly and concentrated on the parts that will have details on them mainly then went to Photoshop and drew the stickers and all details, if I had time to do it again I will unwrap it probably and add proper dirt or make a blend material and add dirt to give dirt a different material. I did give some parts blend materials with masks to give for example the Polaris logo a different material than the body


For the rigging and controllers I used simple techniques to do it but it worked I used 3ds max R5 which still didn’t have a reaction manger and I did have to use wire parameters.
I will try to explain some of the tricks I have done just to let you know in general how its fully rigged For the front axe for example as following

and here how I done it.
I just placed a bone for the horizontal axe and a bone for the vertical one gave both of them an IK chain.

I connected the horizontal IK controller with a circle I have done but for the vertical IK controller I connected it to a dummy object connected with the horizontal bone
So when I move the circle it will act as a real axe.
This image makes it more clear

for the spring it self as you notice from the previous images it does work as a spring.
I just used wire parameters in 3ds Max and made the position of the circle control the height of the spring

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