3DS Max Tutorial - 3d modeling And Rigging “Quad Bike”
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In This 3ds Max Tutorial, I will be explaining about making of the quad bike in brief. I do like quads but you won’t exactly see me riding one [too scary for me ;)], anyway it was needed for a small project for a presentation of a quad and motorcycles racing track. And it needed to be rigged for animation as well.


As usually if you needed any decent realistic existing model you need reference, unfortunately I couldn’t find blueprints for the quad but I did manage to find a decent front side pictures, a tip is to not only look in the official sites and try google image search or anything similar, amateur images is sometimes more clear than good ones because they don’t do any effort to make it perfect they show it for how its really is

As you see its far from perfect reference, so when modeling you always have to be careful and look at reference images taken from a normal viewing angle and checking to see if it’s the same or not (simply use your eye), you can pretty much say that modeling without decent blueprints isn’t certainly your first choice, I can hear some one out there saying duh :) anyway. A little trick also is to put the reference image as a background then use a camera to try to replicate the original one, and see if there are major proportional differences (camera match)

3D Modeling;

The most of the 3d modeling part is pretty much simple, the only hard thing was the lack of good reference which makes modeling more time consuming, I made the all the basic objects using editable poly as following,

then I started adding details also using primitives, splines etc.. and adding simple modifiers to primitives taper, FFD etc I did also make 4 or 5 types of screws and small objects so I can quickly start copying them and instancing them, that added good amount of details very quickly

for the more fine details, I collapsed the poly objects and used Boolean to cut them quickly and then edited the mesh to fix the Boolean distortion, that way I made front light holes and practically all holes in the body (its basically polygon way of NURBS trimming but always remember that Boolean is problematic and should be avoided if possible)

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