The Making of Maybach 57 3D model
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I made this image with 3ds Max R7 and rendered it with V-Ray the background in the image is a photo, anyway I made this Maybach 57 model a while ago but it was rendered at first with a white background and subtle reflections , as you can see it doesn't look as realistic as the final image with the background , I wanted to test with the possibility of rendering cars with a photo composted as a background, but I was surprised by how easily you could do it and how much better it will look like.

3D Modeling / Rendering;

Modeling this car was old school, so I will just cut straight to rendering it which you will see was very simple but the trick was to take care of all the little parameters

One more thing Before moving on to rendering , I did make all the little details modeled as lights and what is inside of them, sensors, water sprinklers and textured the little maybach logo on the inner glass light , it might sound too much to do but it really doesn't take that much time comparing to the whole model but it will add up greatly to the quality of your render, I never do a light just a texture I always model it because it will just look odd if I didn't especially from different angles.

2 things I took care of when doing this render, (this is really most of what I took care of to render this 3d model)

  • Good reference to compare what I do with the real thing and try to fix what's wrong
  • good HDRI compatible with the background I am using

  • I had the 3d model of the maybach and I found a good reference image that I wanted to make an exact replica of (I didn't manage to do an exact replica but it helped make a more realistic render)

    At first I placed the reference image I have as the background image in 3dsmax and made it display in the viewport using the (alt+b menu)

    I adjusted the camera position as close as I could but I didn't need to be extremely accurate since my car 3d model will be on top of the real car in the photo.

    You can use camera match to help you with positioning the camera

    Now the advantages for using an image containing the same car of your 3d model is not only that you can use it very easily to compare your results but also you can use the real shadows in the image ;) , I know it feels like cheating and its probably is but you could just place a plane under it and do the shadows as you will see later I did do that at one point to make sure that my lightning setup was correct

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