NaturalMotion endorphin Used to Create Realistic Chaos in Poseidon

Used by Giant Killer Robots to Simulate Complex Character Animations

Oxford, UK – May, 2006 – NaturalMotion Ltd., the developers of breakthrough 3D animation technology based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), today announced that its awardwinning endorphin software was used by Giant Killer Robots to create several character animation sequences for “Poseidon,” a Warner Bros. Picture film. endorphin’s ability to quickly and easily generate realistic animation allowed the teams to create very demanding and destructive shots that would have been near impossible to achieve using traditional tools.
“Poseidon” premiered in the US on May 12, 2006.
In several of the film’s sequences endorphin characters served as digital stunt doubles interacting with numerous characters and objects in chaotic circumstances that would have been challenging and dangerous to produce using key frame or motion capture technology. Giant Killer Robots also used endorphin on one of the night club sequences to simulate hundreds of pieces of furniture, props and people interacting dynamically while the ship capsizes.

“For ‘Poseidon,’ endorphin did exactly what I wanted and needed it to do; it simulated highly complex character animations, dozens of people falling, crashing, struggling, recovering, etc., with multiple characters in very complex and dynamic environments,” said Boyd Shermis, visual effects supervisor on ’Poseidon.’ “We had hundreds of people and objects flying all over the place. endorphin not only handled these complex simulations, but did them quickly, easily and seamlessly."
Used by the industry’s leading production and game companies, endorphin offers an entirely new approach to 3D animation, and is the only character animation software to utilize DMS, a technology based on artificial intelligence controllers that imitate the human nervous system. Unlike conventional animation techniques such as key-framing or motion capture, endorphin’s DMS technology uses the CPU to simulate the brain and body of 3D characters, which allows animators to synthesize human movements in real time. This approach produces directed and NaturalMotion endorphin Used to Create Realistic Chaos in Poseidon fully-interactive 3D characters that essentially animate themselves with real-life movements that are unique every time; thus dramatically reducing animation asset production time. For more information about “Poseidon,” please visit: http://www2.warnerbros.com/poseidon/.

Exclusive concept art of Poseidon, from www.filmforce.ign.com

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NaturalMotion Ltd. is the first company to create 3D character animation software (endorphin) based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviors and artificial intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system. Based on Oxford University research on the control of body movements, NaturalMotion’s first product endorphin synthesizes off-line 3D character animation in real time. With customers such as Sega, Sony, Moving Picture Company, The Mill, Giant Killer Robots, CIS Hollywood, Namco, Konami, Zoic, Blitz Games and Tigar Hare Studios, endorphin has rapidly become the tool of choice for many leading games and visual effects artists creating high-end animation. For further information please visit NaturalMotion’s website at www.naturalmotion.com, or join the 20,000 endorphin Learning Edition users at www.community.naturalmotion.com.
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