Got3D Releases Two Collections of Gym People Textures

High Quality Image Textures Can Pump Up Your Scenes!

Lexington, Kentucky. -For the first time, designers of athletic facilities and gyms along with 3d visualization professionals finally have access to texture content specifically designed with their needs in mind. On May 12, 2006 Got3D released a pair of texture collections that include 116 high-resolution images of people dressed and posed appropriately for workout settings. These high-resolution collections feature textures averaging an astounding 3400 vertical pixels, allowing the content to be used in the extreme foreground of renderings without any lost image quality.

The two-part collection contains a total of eleven people in 116 different poses, captured in motion and at rest for maximum scene flexibility. Part 1 contains 5 different people in a total of 56 poses. Part 2 contains 6 people in 60 different poses. Pricing has been set at $50 for Part 1 and $55 for Part 2. The content may be downloaded from the Got3D.com store as a .zip file. The Gym People Texture collections 1 & 2 join an expanding array of texture and 3d model content currently available from Got3D. Including these new libraries, Got3D now offers forty-three collections of high-quality textures and eleven collections of 3d models. With each new month, Got3D redefines the level of quality and convenience its customers have come to rely on.

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Got3D specializes in the production of high quality content for use in professional quality renderings and animations. With a wide selection of textures and 3D models, Got3D has grown to become one of the key resources for visualization professionals around the world. Visit us at www.got3d.com to see the very best in high quality textures and 3D models to add new levels of realism to your scenes with astounding ease. ...

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