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finalRender Stage-1 SP3 Realeased

(Boston – April 10, 2006) cebas Computer, maker of finalRender®, today announced the release of Service Pack 3 for finalRender Stage-1.The new SP3 release shows why finalRender Stage-1 is the world’s most popular raytracing and GI system for 3ds max. cebas continues to listen to users and make improvements available – at no charge to users – to an already robust product. finalRender Stage-1 gives users unprecedented value for 3ds max and VIZ.

For a full outline of what is in SP3 with images please go here: SP3 Features

To see an entire gallery of amazing new images created with SP3 please go here:SP3 Gallery

SP3 provides the following to finalRender Stage-1 users:

finalRender Object Properties

Service Pack 3 for finalRender Stage-1 offers a brand new method to handle finalRender object properties. With the introduction of SP3, a dramatic cut has been made to the finalRender object properties. As such, the previous methods and tools from prior versions will no longer work. Special tools have been added to convert and handle pre-SP3 scenes.

New addition fR-Color-Correct

fR-Color-Correct comes as a standard 3ds max texture map and can be selected whenever finalRender Stage-1 is the current renderer. Besides the vast amount of options to manipulate texture maps, fR-Color-Correct offers the ability to manipulate and control secondary ray rendering effects. A mirror object could, for example, reflect a totally different material or color compared to the actual color seen in the direct camera view. Using this new feature with reflections and refractions opens up a new way to create impressive rendering effects. Using the same feature for GI offers an even greater and more powerful extension to the finalRender tool set! A gray object could create a blue color bleeding effect or the intensity of such a color bleeding can be adjusted for each object individually by using this new feature in Service Pack 3.

Complete Re-Write of the MTD core!

The MTD core has been completely re-written, and no longer has anything in common with the previous builds. A much higher level of quality and speed can now be achieved with the MTD systems, allowing for a much larger range of possibilities.

New Enhanced Scene MSP

finalRender's SceneMSP has been greatly enhanced and can now be used with instances like in DynamicMSP. Now you can render billions of polygons in minutes. The MSP improvements not only render huge poly counts but they do it faster and more efficiently. Many enhancements have been made to conserve, flush, and handle memory.

New Bitmap Filter Type for Bitmap-HDR Texture Map

A new filter type was added to the Bitmap-HDR texture map. MipMap allows you to create a much higher texture quality with less memory consumption than the built in bitmap filters of 3ds max. Bitmap Pager Enhancements

Bitmap Pager Enhancements

Service Pack 3 incorporates changes done to the Dynamic Bitmap Pager. Besides bug fixing, new options have been added. Now a paged high resolution bitmap can have 2 states, it can stay on the hard-disk or get deleted after rendering.

Fr-Image GI - Share Samples

A new feature has been added to the fR-Image GI engine. "Share Samples" allows the user to avoid black splotches in areas where objects form a common surface but are in fact 2 separate objects. By using neighboring sample values, interpolation between adjacent faces across object borders is possible.

Diffusion Map Slot in fR-Advanced

The diffusion map is used to offer a much deeper control of material surface properties. One map affects the Diffuse, Specular, Self-Illumination, and Reflections at the same time. The map is used especially in GI scenes with indirect light sources and Bump maps. Usually Bump maps become very flat in areas with only indirect light. To avoid flat looking Bump maps in indirect illuminated areas, you may use the Bump map in the Diffusion channel.

Fine Tuning in Globals Rollout

Service Pack 3 also comes with many smaller work-flow enhancements. One example of work-flow enhancement is found in the new Options section of the finalRender Globals rollout menu.

fR-Image Enhancements

The finalRender Image, GI-Engine, has been enhanced and optimized to offer much better detail detection and smoother results with less samples.

Version Compatibility

finalRender Stage-1 is now fully compatible with Discreet 3ds max 8 and Autodesk VIZ 2007.

Render Presets

A huge amount of presets for AA, MTD, Raytracing, and GI

Advanced Material Presets

Great Material presets for Glass, Carpaint, Chrome, Blury Chrome, Copper, Plastics, Skin, Sub-Surface Scattering, and a whole lot more.

30 new Demo scenes

Sp3 ships with a 30 new demo scenes setup by experienced finalRender users. These scenes show the use of all the new features of SP3 to get users up and running ASAP.

How to get it

SP3 is a Free download and can be acquired by registered users at the cebas shop. shop.cebas.com !! If you already have an account you can simply go to the My Downloads area and get the update. If you didn’t purchase finalRender® Stage-1 directly from the cebas shop, you will need to create an account and then press the Register Me button in the My Downloads section. Within 24 hours you will have all updates and downloads available to you for all of your cebas products.

About cebas Computer GmbH

cebas Computer GmbH is a German developer of advanced 3D software for 3ds max and other 3D applications, based near Heidelberg. With 14 years of experience in software development for the 3D market, cebas has become renowned for its quality and unique software products serving graphics and animation studios around the world. More info is available at www.cebas.com.

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