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Depth of Field Generator PRO v2.0 Released

Depth of Field Generator PRO is the result of ongoing research, development and programming collaboration between Richard Rosenman and Martin Vicanek in an effort to produce a Photoshop® compliant plugin capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process.

Depth Of field (DOF) is the amount of distance between the nearest and furthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus as seen by a camera lens. This field varies with the focal length of the lens, its f-stop setting, and the wavelength of light.

Depth of field is heavily used in photography, film and computer graphics as a creative element, in typical examples ranging from portraiture to macro photography. In photography, DOF is governed by three factors: aperture, lens focal length and shooting distance. Many consumer class cameras, however, do not provide sufficient and independent control of these parameters. Digital cameras, in particular, usually show a wide depth of field - i.e. they are more tolerant to defocus effects. While this may be welcome in some instances (e.g. snapshot applications), it is often a serious deficiency in others (e.g. portraiture/macro photography). In computer graphics, physically accurate DOF can be effectively generated using complex ray tracing techniques which tend to increase rendering times significantly. As a result, most computer generated broadcast and film production often lacks DOF as a result of the lengthy calculation times.

The term "Bokeh", which in Japanese literally means "blurring", has been introduced into the film, photography and computer graphics industries to describe the out-of-focus blur characteristics. It is determined mainly by the shape of the camera lens and can be seen best on out-of-focus highlights which assume the shape of the lens aperture. A lens with few aperture diaphragm blades (say 5) tends to produce pentagonal highlights, whereas a lens with more aperture blades (say 7-8) tends to produce rounder (heptagonal/octagonal) highlights. Ultimately, a higher number of aperture blades will produce more circular highlights.

In its most powerful mode, Depth Of Field Generator PRO uses a specified depth map to derive an accurate DOF effect. A Depth Map is a greyscale image where the grey level at any given point represents the distance of the object from the camera at the same point in the original image. Most 3D Computer Graphics applications are easily capable of producing depth maps along with the rendered image. For photographic images, the user has to create the depth map manually which can be greatly facilitated through the use of the filter's powerful gradient functions.

Depth of Field Generator PRO is available in two different versions. v1.5 is intended for photographers and digital artists who require DOF processing on single frames only. v2.0 is intended for photographers and digital artists who require DOF processing for animation, or require additional DOF control using v2.0's advanced features.Depth of Field Generator PRO v1.5 and v2.0 now feature completely new and improved highlight preservation algorithms as well as new and improved Bokeh visibility algorithms. In addition, highlight enhancement modifications will now only proportionally affect defocused highlights thus leaving fully focused areas of the image untouched. These new code implementations produce depth of field camera effects that are extremely accurate and precise in simulating real-world phenomena.

Depth of Field Generator PRO v2.0 now supports full batch / animation capabilities internally from within the filter. This completely eliminates the setup time required for Photoshop® actions and allows batch / animation capabilities to be used from within any host capable of running Adobe Photoshop® compliant filters. For a list of compatible hosts, please see the compatibility list here.

Depth Of Field Generator PRO is a commercial tool. You may freely download the plugin and try it as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, by whomever you want, while in DEMO mode. In DEMO mode, the plugin is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL VERSION with the exception of being able to apply the filter to your image. Everything works unrestricted, even loading and saving, so that you can understand how this plugin works before you register it. Upon registering, you will receive a personalized license by email, which will switch it to REGISTERED mode. ONE (1) Depth Of Field Generator PRO license entitles ANY user to UNLIMITED use of the software, for an INDEFINITE period of time, on ONE (1) workstation ONLY. Currently, there is no floating license option. If you wish to use Depth Of Field Generator PRO on multiple workstations such as in a studio environment, multiple licenses are required for EACH node.To register your copy of Depth Of Field Generator PRO, please click here, or select REGISTRATION from the top menu. DOF PRO has been priced competitively in an effort to ensure the plugin is accessible by independent artists as well as large production studios. Currently, DOF PRO v1.5 retails for $29.99 USD and v2.0 for $59.99 USD.

Click Here for DOF PRO v2.0 PDF press release.


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