TVP Animation 1.0 : The demo version is available !

Metz, France – May, 11th. 2006 – TVPaint Developpement is proud to announce the availability of the evaluation version of TVP Animation 1.0, a graphic content and 2D animation solution. This demo version will be fully functional for 30 days without any functionalities limitation.

To download the TVP Animation 1.0 evaluation version, go to www.tvpaint.com !
To access the PC version download page, click here.
To access the Mac version download page, click here.

About TVP Animation
Made by artists for artists, this software, due to its bitmap approach, is called to cover the essential needs of any artist. It provides them with an impressive, complete and fully customizable drawing toolset that will transcend the feelings of a simple pen on a papersheet.

TVP Animation is the first release of a new range of TVPaint products, taking advantage of the TVPaint technology, world famous since its performances with Newtek's Aura and Bauhaus Software's Mirage and always improved for better results. TVPaint Animation will fit in any production workflows, traditionnal, fully digital or hybrid since its workflow make it able to fit in any production pipeline, from sketches to complex sequences using a multiplane camera or particles effects.

Also able to work in any resolution, it will bring satisfaction of all the 2D freaks / lovers thanks to the unlimited capabilities of its tools...

A brand new range of functionalities have been implemented in order to provide the most complete solution for painting and 2D animation in one package, including :
  • Full sequence preview including non-applied FX Stack.
  • Improved drawing tools with Sub-pixel accuracy and AntiAliasing for all that make these tools ones of the most accurate and fast-responding of the market.
  • New scan abilities to offer more comfort to import your scanned sequences ! TVP Animation becomes the ultimate tool to quickly check your line-tests from your scanned sequences. devient l'outil idéal pour réaliser rapidement vos line-tests à partir de séquences scannées.
  • Video grabbing functions (WDM compliant on PC and Quicktime compliant on Mac) to allow the use of DVcamera to grab your stop-motion animations.
  • The Animator Panel that contains all the shortcuts to the functions which will simplify the work of the animators regarding the project navigation, layers and images management as well as the project global management. You will be also able to manage your favorite brushes very easily as well as the plugins made by the Communuty for the Community. Several of them are already available.
  • Several new abilities for animators like a rotative workarea, Timeline's bookmarks, the FlipAnim tool (to play your animation like a flipbook) and the Shaker (simply press a key to check your current layer, so useful on big projects), a multilayer CutOut brush to create brushes from a whole project, an Gap-Closer option for the Floodfill tool and many more...

    Of course, TVP Animation includes also some powerful effects :
  • Multiplane Camera : An awesome and easy-to-use effect to create complex animated animations using an unlimited number of layers, a multiplane camera managing the focusing distance and the parallax scrolling automatically computed and including a 3D view to simplify the manipulation. Using the Multiplane Camera Wizard to create panoramas with automatic planes andd focus management becomes a child's play !
  • The particles engine : TVP Animation integrates its powerful particles engine fully animatable with Alpha Collision for more realistic particles behavior.
  • ToonShading : A complete tool to add shadows to your drawings from soft and smooth 3D like shadows to cartoon shadows.
  • A Scan Cleaner tool , easy to use, to remove the background from your scanned sequence and to get quickly the lines from your drawings.

Availability :
TVP Animation 1.0 is available for PC (Win2K/XP) and Apple's Mac (OS X 10.3 minimum) and for the new Intel-based Macintosh to an introductory price of 449 euros for the full commercial version, 225 euros for the Upgrade version (available to TVPaint, Aura and Mirage owners). The Education licence is available in 2 versions (1 seat for 225 euros and 5 seats for 449 euros). Look at our price list on our website at : http://www.tvpaint.fr/tvpa_prices.php for details.

Press Contact :
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57280 Maizieres les Metz
Phone : +33 (0)387 173 598
Fax : +33 (0)387 173 599
Email: tvpaint@tvpaint.fr

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